Fedez and Leone driven from the playground: the misadventure on Instagram

Fedez and Leone were kicked out of a Los Angeles playground and Chiara Ferragni's husband tells the misadventure on Instagram

Expelled from the playground and forced to go elsewhere: Fedez tells on Instagram the misadventure experienced in Los Angeles together with the little Lion. Chiara Ferragni left for work, leaving her son and husband alone in the United States. The fashion blogger in the coming weeks will be busy with a series of meetings and events to present her new make up line.

A few days ago Chiara had told on Instagram, with a long post, the fears and sadness that accompany her every time she is forced to leave the family. By confessing to her followers while she was on a plane that would take her to the other side of the world, Ferragni had revealed that she was feeling sad and striving hard to be a good mother for little Leone.

To make her smile again, she thought about her own baby together with Fedez. In fact, Leone was, despite himself, the protagonist of a small mishap lived together with his dad and told on Instagram. In the Stories, the rapper revealed that he had toured the main children's parks in Los Angeles, but that he was kicked out when he entered a green area without paying.

“In these days in Los Angeles I am doing things that are not trendy, not very cool – said Fedez in the Stories -. Among the things I'm doing together with my 'panettone' are park tours, but we just got kicked out by one because I didn't know there were private parks here. Be careful – added the singer – because if you come to LA, in some parks you have to pay. Boh, they are playgrounds for children and you have to pay. "

In the end, however, everything went smoothly. Fedez and Leone have finally found a park to play in and have made a fun video by sharing it on Instagram and commenting it together with Chiara Ferragni.

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