Ficarra and Picone reveal the real reason for their farewell to Striscia la Notizia

Ficarra e Picone

The comedians Ficarra and Picone reveal the real reason for their farewell to "Striscia la Notizia" after 15 years on the show

Ficarra and Picone reveal the real reason for their farewell to Striscia la Notizia. On November 30th the comedian couple announced live that they would leave the satirical news of Antonio Ricci after fifteen years. A decision that has greatly affected the public and which, it seems, would be final.

"Today the last week of running the Strip has begun for us – they explained -, but we must announce it will also be our last year in Striscia. And we do not hide from you that after 15 years and 17 editions it is not easy ”. The comedians then thanked all the staff of the show they have worked with over the years: "We thank this family, because this is what it is, who pampered and flattered us with their affection, making us feel part of themselves – they explained -. So the direction, the studio, the cameramen, our make-up artists, the showgirls ”. A special thanks then went to Antonio Ricci: “But above all we thank Antonio Ricci who has always made us feel important and we will always be grateful to him for this. And we thank you viewers who put up with us and how ”.

What is the reason for the farewell to Striscia la Notizia by Ficarra and Picone? It was revealed by the comedians in an interview with Corriere della Sera. “It's been 15 years, in our work we sometimes have to shuffle the cards – they explained -. The time had come. It is a deliberate choice, which did not come suddenly ". The decision to leave the conduct of the satirical news would therefore have come with the aim of starting new work adventures. "It's a decision that was born and grew over time, like when you write a film or a sketch for television: in the end you forget who had the idea or started talking about it. We discussed it among ourselves and then it took shape more and more, with lightness, tranquility and already a modicum of nostalgia that pervades us ”.

With Antonio Ricci, soul of the show, relations are excellent: “He is as sorry as we are, but he understood the choice – admitted Ficarra and Picone -. Antonio made us feel from day one that Striscia was not his home, but also our home. He always made us feel important. Even humanly. He has always been present at our theatrical debuts, he came to Syracuse for the premiere of Aristophanes' Frogs, he never missed the premieres of our films. He made us feel like family ”.

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