Find out how to cool your home without consuming electricity

Find out how to cool your home without consuming electricity

Today we will reveal to you how to cool your home without electricity. The simplest ideas to put into practice and that will change your life for the better.

With the arrival of summer, a negative aspect is that it is too hot in the house. Problem that is usually solved with fans or continuous air conditioning jets. How to do it, however, if in light of the savings you want to reduce the use of electricity to a minimum?

refresh the house without electricity

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Fortunately there are several strategies that we can put into practice and that once implemented will be able to make the home much fresher and more livable. And all without having to live with the anxiety of the upcoming bill.

How to cool your home without using electricity

Being able to enjoy a cool home even when the temperatures outside rise is very important. Obviously, the simplest way to follow is the one given by the use of the air conditioner or the faithful fan. However, if you want to avoid the consumption of extra current as much as possible, it is possible to act differently.

refresh the house without electricity

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In fact, it is enough to fine-tune some simple tricks to be able to enjoy a home that is significantly fresher and more pleasant to live in. A house in which to feel perfectly at ease and all without spending anything more than normal. So here are some ideas that you can put into practice right away.

Keep the curtains closed

Creating shaded spaces in the house is very important to keep the walls cool. This should be done especially in the hours when the sun beats down the strongest. Of course, the sun’s rays are essential to enjoy good health and to have a home with less dust, however you can try to mitigate them when, in addition to giving light, they risk making the home environment too hot. Keeping the curtains tightly closed will make this easier and help keep the house at least a couple of degrees cooler. If on the hottest days you opt to keep the shutters closed, the result will be that of a house with a lower temperature of at least five degrees.

Create drafts

Just as it can be important to keep away from too strong light, it can be very useful to create small air currents. To do this, just keep two windows open on opposite sides of the house. Having some air going around will act as a diversion and it will be more pleasant than ever, giving that touch of freshness essential to not suffer too much from hot temperatures. Which will be especially true on the hottest and most sultry days and when it seems that there is almost no air.

Using appliances as little as possible is one of the ways to cool your home without using electricity

For a cooler home it is important to avoid using an oven, stove, hairdryer and hair straighteners. These, in fact, they create a lot more heat than you think. Better to dry your hair in the sun and use air fryers and microwaves. Alternatively, the advice is to reserve the use of appliances in the evening, when the temperatures drop at least a little. By doing this, in addition to having a fresher home, you can increase your savings margins while enjoying cheaper bills and a more relaxed life.

Remove heavy curtains and carpets

A cool house is also cool based on what we use. Heavy curtains, rugs and fabrics that generate heat only add to the feeling of warmth. Better take advantage of the summer to replace them with something fresher and use this time to take them to wash.
Even for the sofa, if in leather or in too warm fabrics, it can be useful to use a cotton or, even better, linen cover. Being on it will be fresher and more pleasant and will give a sense of comfort that is otherwise difficult to experience.

Hang wet towels on open windows

A useful way to go to sleep is to keep the window open and hang a wet towel inside. In this way every gust of wind will bring fresher air and able to give a sense of relief while you sleep. An expedient that is particularly useful on the hottest nights of the year and in those in which it is difficult to fall asleep due to the heat.

These simple tricks are the ones that make the difference and help keep the house fresh longer and without suffering or having to spend too much on light. Gimmicks that come in handy for when you need to save but don’t want to die from the heat.

It should also be said that even if you are saving money you still intend to use the air conditioner, just turn it on for half an hour during the hottest hours to keep the house cool longer. In this case, of course, the windows must be closed so as not to let the fresh air out.

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