Find out how to make 3 outfits with the color of summer: blue!

What is the color of summer 2022? Without a shadow of a doubt the blue! A delicate color that looks good on everyone! Here is the CheDonna style guide that will explain how to create 3 outfits to wear every day with the color of the moment!

In summer, the trendy colors are always many and all, generally, gaudy. However, there is a color that plays a special role in 2022 fashion, it’s easy to use, looks good on everyone and is super delicate. Which? The blue! But how to create the right outfits? Let’s find out!

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We are used to wearing certain colors all year round, including black, beige, blue and even white. All those neutral colors that solve every stylistic situation for us.

Then when the beautiful days arrive, fashion overwhelms us with its bright color palettes, such as fuchsia, yellow, green or purple. And we who are true fashion lovers can’t wait to be able to put our hand on that super colorful outfit that is so desired.

But then we find these colorful looks too strongso we wear them for just one occasion and immediately afterwards we put them on the forgotten side of our wardrobe.

If I told you that there is a trendy color for summer 2022 that you will love to wear every day would you believe me?

Well yes it’s all true! There is a trendy and easy to use color that we will never get tired of. Which? The powder blue!

3 outfits with the color of summer 2022: powder blue! Here’s what we need!

Powder blue is a light blue shade that moves away from shades of blue to approach those of gray. It is said that poor blue is good for everyone, and in fact it is true, because based on our complexion we can choose the shade of powder blue that suits us best. For example light and dark complexion with brown hair, we choose a strong blue tone, with intense blue tones. For those with a cold undertone complexion and light hair, the powder blue point to choose will be more grayish.

summer color outfit

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see how to do it 3 trendy outfits with the color of summer, powder blue:

  • top and midi skirt: la full circle midi skirt is one of the trendiest and most comfortable garments for the summer. Choose it in a powder blue color and wear it with a basic white tank top and a camel-colored flat sandal.
  • suit: in the summer, clothing stores are filled with overalls, that is, cool dresses that have trousers instead of skirts. Super trendy for summer 2022 is the powder blue jumpsuit.
  • lace dress: last but not least is the dress. To be chosen in lace and powder blue color, also perfect for the summer ceremony. By the way, off to the summer sales throughout Italy! Shopping guide: what to buy?

summer color outfit

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Now that you know all the secrets of the trade, all you have to do is create your summer outfit with the color of the moment, the powder blue, go out and have fun! You will be perfect!