First media, exercises and tests to prepare for the entrance test in mathematics and geometry

Passing the math and geometry first level entry test is child's play thanks to Redooc's exercises and tests

Summer has just begun, but it is already time to think about September, particularly for those students who will have to face the first media. The first day of school is an important test, not only because children have to deal with new teachers and classmates, but also because of the dreaded math entry test.

Needless to say, this matter is difficult for many students and parents often have difficulty helping their children. What to do? To avoid drama and days spent on books a few days before school starts, just prepare yourself for the math and geometry test.

Help comes from Redooc, the digital educational platform that allows students to learn while having fun. Thanks to PCs, smartphones and tablets, simple exercises and interactive levels, dealing with mathematics will seem like child's play. On the portal, notes, exercises and quizzes are available to revise the elementary program and prepare to face middle school better.

Redooc offers a complete review with 24 questions, many levels and topics ranging from numbers to functions, including figures and forecasts. A real complete training for the mind of the students, who in this way will not forget during the holidays everything they have learned and will arrive in September ready for a new challenge.

Have fun with your children reviewing math and geometry, with exercises and tests dedicated to the entrance test. And if you still want to discover this subject, turn your vacation homework into an engaging and educational interactive game.

This tool allows parents not to go crazy, between books, last minute reviews and crying, and it also turns out to be the perfect ally for the kids who will be able to go over the math and geometry under the umbrella at the park and whenever they feel like it.

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