Flowers, biting weaves and naturalness: the hairstyles for the s / s

The most interesting proposals for the summer: short hair and medium lengths

Long hair, cuts and hairstyles for S / S 2014

Short hair, beloved by the stars, will also be very trendy for spring / summer 2014 but this does not mean that we will neglect those who continue to love bushy hair that requires care and attention. Also in the choice of hairstyle: the diktat of this spring / exact is naturalness.

Let's start from the short. The short cut is ideal for a self-confident woman who is not afraid to reveal her face, but rather wants to put it in the foreground. The short hair is practical but also sexy because it reveals the neck. To understand if it could be fine or it is better to opt for a medium length, look carefully at facial features. A round face and a heart face go well with an average length: the cut must be voluminous on the head and lighter on the sides, in order not to accentuate the roundness of the face. The oval face is very suitable for the short, whether it is regular or asymmetrical. Yes to the short hair on the square face, as long as it is not a clean cut and with severe lines. The short on a long face is not recommended: a fringe that shortens the length of the face is better. Here you will find our tips for combing short hair.

Let's now take a look at the new collections in terms of short and medium length hair. Art Hair Studios focuses on the unconventional look and proposes the short cut with undercut on the sides, for a woman who becomes a new urban nomad, a sign of transgressiveness and a return to instinct and being rebellious. The short fringe flattened above the forehead and the volume different from the traditional one give a tribal effect. A different way to interpret the woman, in which new facets of her identity are discovered. The scaled helmet is the closest look to its contemporary image with a different volume than the traditional one. The medium cuts play with the size of the locks, creating a surprising effect from the style that owes tribalism.

The short is a trend in the collections created by James Hair Fashion Club. The refined asymmetry of the volumes highlights the face, for an image of the strong, decisive and modern woman. Masculine look, with a tuft I see / do not see, to give the woman a rebellious and free spirit.

The Mitù collection focuses on simplicity and modernity. Helmets and yokes inspired by the "Bob" and shorts marked by impeccable strokes of scissor that shape silhouettes and volumes to create details and offer ductility to the look. SO GLAM! offers masculine short cuts with very bold colors, completed by maxi fringes that fall on the forehead, or supported by a strong finishing for an aerodynamic look.

Stefano Lorenzi and Adalberto Vanoni, Aldo Coppola creative directors for the Spring / Summer collection interpret a sunny, dynamic, colorful, evanescent woman. Their creations are inspired by a trip to Hawaii observing the hair of the surfers in the wind and sun and the idyllic colors of nature. Great protagonists of the P / E the medium and medium-sized cuts of women and not angular. Long hair in the foreground with important scaling and long rounded fringes. The prince of P / E is the bob no longer bon-ton, but gritty, bizarre and mischievous, to be played on every face with apparently wrong irregular locks.

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