Foods to avoid in order not to gain weight on the thighs and hips

Don't you want to get fat on your thighs and hips? Pay attention to what you eat, there are foods that more than others tend to settle in those areas.

What foods should you avoid if you want to lose weight?

The costume test is approaching and are you terrified by the idea of ​​putting on weight on your thighs and hips? In addition to doing physical activity with targeted exercises to work on risk areas, avoid bringing certain foods to the table that are deposited there. Here's what to stay away from.

Sugar and sweets
It is not surprising that one of the biggest enemies of the line is sugar, especially refined sugar. Get used to drinking coffee, tea and herbal teas without sugar and if you really need to sweeten, use brown cane sugar, honey or stevia. Desserts, which are largely composed of sugar, are also to be avoided. Go ahead instead for a few squares of dark chocolate (with cocoa over 70%).

Refined flour
White flour is low in nutrients, better to favor wholemeal flour which with the contribution of fiber helps the intestinal activity and the purification of the body. Another excellent alternative is chickpea flour, rich in protein. Even products prepared with white flour should be avoided in favor of bread, pasta, crakers, rusks and wholemeal breadsticks.

Alcohol and carbonated drinks
Spirits are high in sugar and bring more calories than you think. Limit yourself to one glass of red wine per day. Pure fizzy drinks are sugary and caloric, plus they swell. Attention also to industrial fruit juices, they contain a lot of sugar and only small percentages of fruit.

Packaged and pre-cooked dishes
Eat fresh and freshly prepared foods, in ready-made dishes and in industrial products there are often abundant fats and sugars, as well as preservatives and dyes that negatively affect the metabolism.

Dairy products
Beware of dairy products, such as cream, butter and cheeses, they are often high in fat, preferring light, low-calorie fresh cheeses such as ricotta.

Finally, stay away from sausages, they contain a lot of fat, salt and preservatives. Prefer the consumption of lean meats, such as chicken and turkey meat, obviously without skin.

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