Foods to avoid in the evening so as not to spend sleepless nights

Foods to avoid in the evening so as not to spend sleepless nights

Food and sleep: what are the foods to be excluded before bedtime? Discovering the dishes to avoid to promote a peaceful rest

The rules for falling asleep: advice and prohibitions

Food and sleep are two essential activities for health. In the same way, however, these two daily functions can easily conflict with each other. It should be noted that at the base of sleep disturbances there may be situations of stress and anxiety, but incorrect nutrition cannot also be ruled out. Preferring a diet to improve sleep implies taking light meals, in order to avoid weighing down the stomach. But sometimes it is difficult not to fall into temptation with the classic night snack.

Consequently, you cannot sleep unless you first take away this little whim. When hunger becomes almost impossible, you can opt for a small evening snack from time to time. In order to prevent this strong desire from negatively affecting the sleep cycle, it is preferable to know what foods to avoid before sleeping. During the evening it is difficult for the body to burn calories and this can sometimes also cause various ailments including abdominal bloating or reflux.

Therefore it is preferable to take meals at least 2 to 3 hours before bed, also helping with a simple walk to promote digestion. First of all, it is essential to pay attention to the fries, as they are very heavy for the stomach. Alcohol is also to be avoided. In particular, spirits are dangerous to health because they cause dehydration. Bad news for gourmands, as chocolate lovers would do well to reflect before consuming a tasty dark chocolate bar during the evening. This food is in fact just as exciting as coffee and tends to increase the heart rate.

For those who can not give up a cup of cereals in front of a good film, it is advisable to prefer those without sugar and dyes. Eliminating bad habits related to food and sleep also involves excluding sweets, candies and drinks, as they contain caffeine and can cause insomnia. Those who instead try to reach their own weight should give up abundant pasta dishes during the evening, since in addition to hampering sleep, they could involve a few extra pounds the following days.

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