Francesca Barra tells the pain after the abortion: "They were hard months"

Francesca Barra tells the pain after the abortion: "They were hard months"

Francesca Barra tells the difficult period after abortion, pain and the desire to be reborn

Courageous, yet fragile, but above all sincere: Francesca Barra tells the pain after the abortion.

He does it on his Instagram page, the same one in which, just three months ago, he announced that his child was gone. The joy of a new birth, life, born of love for her husband Claudio Santamaria, which grows, then the emptiness and a terrible mourning, which the journalist has overcome with great difficulty.

La Barra does not hide and tells difficult months, marked by sadness and the need not to make her children weigh. A pain that few can understand and that the writer has tried to describe in her post. "An unborn child is not an entity," he explained. But a child who grew up with you, who saw you move, breathe, to whom you saw the heart beat. And an empty belly, it's not just an empty stomach. But it's your belly without him. "

Three months later the abortion wound is still open and Francesca is not afraid to confess it. "The months have been hard to live up to," the post said. Months of expectations, examinations, medical checks, pains and joys strangled in endless mourning. At this time my body has suffered several injuries, not least a hormonal change and a reaction to the treatments that have bent me a lot ".

Returning to normal life was not easy for Barra, committed to reconciling the excruciating pain with so many work commitments and the care of children born to her ex-husband Renato Molfino.

"We survived without a nanny for 4 months – he revealed – as do so many parents who have all my solidarity, with the children you have to preserve from sadness, indeed! And that have different needs: different times, activities from one part of the city to the other. We turned our problem into an opportunity to measure ourselves with a new challenge. Hard eh, I hope unrepeatable. With the book to finish, the work to be organized, the jobs at home to follow. "

But it was pain that allowed Francesca to know her true strength as a woman: "I will never bury this phase of life – she revealed – but I will walk with my head up knowing that the strength we women have is infinitely greater than the retouching and of the superficiality they want to impose ".

Then a final message, addressed to all women who often feel imperfect and extremely fragile. "The time has come to rebel and tell the truth," he wrote. Just artificial images, surgical works that deform because in search of false ideals. No more spots with miraculous drinks, Photoshop, surgery on girls so young! To be fit you need patience, commitment, serenity and effort. Shortcuts alone do not work. And then surround yourself with people with a beautiful soul ".

Francesca Barra – Source: Instagram

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