Francesca Sofia Novello, the tender dedication to Valentino Rossi: "The world is for you"

Francesca Sofia Novello, the tender dedication to Valentino Rossi: "The world is for you"

Valentino Rossi retires and the dedication of his girlfriend Francesca Maria Novello arrives on time, at his side in this moment of "transition"

Venice Exhibition: Arisa shines on the red carpet, but Francesca Sofia Novello is the most beautiful

An unexpected farewell, that of Valentino Rossi to the world of motorcycling, but which should have arrived sooner or later. The 42-year-old champion has decided to leave MotoGP after 9 world championships and years of success and records, leaving that bitter taste in the mouth of the fans who would have liked to see him race forever.

Waiting for him is his girlfriend, Francesca Sofia Novello, who has been at his side for years with elegance and discretion. And, in this delicate moment, he could not have hoped for a better woman than her. The clamor following the announcement of the retreat has not yet subsided, but the dedication of his beloved has arrived on time and is able to melt even the hardest of hearts: "You are the most beautiful emotion of my life. The whole world is love for you ”.

The new chapter in Valentino Rossi's life thus opens across the street and has the flavor of what he has always wanted. The couple, united since 2018, have made no secret of their desire for a child, to crown that love that – now – they can live to the fullest of their possibilities.

According to some statements made to Verissimo by Novello, the wedding would not be at the top of the list of things to do: “They always ask us, but the wedding is not planned, we do not necessarily need a wedding ring to feel united. As for motherhood, I think it is the desire of every woman and I feel it a lot. However, I am still young. There's time".

For Valentino, there is still half a season to run, so all the couple's projects could be postponed to the end of the year. Meanwhile, Francesca Sofia Novello successfully continues her influencer activity, followed by that of "umbrella" that allowed her to meet her boyfriend.

In addition, she was also chosen by Amadeus as co-host of the Sanremo Festival in 2020. Her participation is remembered for the slip of the presenter, who had complimented her on her ability to stay "always one step behind" her company. Francesca Sofia replied with irony, putting an end to the controversy that had already been unleashed before the start of the event.

Francesca Sofia Novello and Valentino Rossi on Instagram

Francesca Sofia Novello and Valentino Rossi on Instagram

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