Francesco Totti, Ilary Blasi breaks the silence on Instagram after the farewell to his father-in-law Enzo

Francesco Totti, Ilary Blasi rompe il silenzio su Instagram dopo l’addio al suocero Enzo

On Instagram, Ilary Blasi breaks the silence after the farewell to Enzo, his father-in-law and beloved father of Francesco Totti

After the farewell to his father-in-law Enzo, Francesco Totti's father, Ilary Blasi breaks the silence on Instagram. The Roman showgirl was very attached to her husband's family and never hid that she had an excellent relationship both with Fiorella, the footballer's mother, and with her father Enzo, known as Sheriff. The man disappeared at the age of 73 at the Spallanzani hospital in Rome, where he was hospitalized after contracting the Coronavirus.

Many attended the funeral and Totti was immortalized by the weekly Oggi in tears together with his older children, Chanel and Cristian. The family of the football player and the presenter is very close, the loss of Mr. Enzo has shaken everyone, especially Francesco who during his career had always been followed by his father.

The former Roma player wished to greet his father with a long and moving letter published on Instagram. "Hi dad, I spent the 10 worst days of my life – he wrote -, knowing that you were there" alone "fighting against evil and not being able to see, speak, hug you, hold you, I would have done anything to stay there close to you. Now my life will be different, because I grew up with important values ​​and that is why I want to thank you dad, for everything you have done for me, for making me a strong and courageous man, I will always love you my dad! I wish I could still hear your voice, I miss the laughs we used to have, I miss your smile, your eyes, I miss seeing you on the sofa watching TV. I have to say sorry and thank you ”.

"Sorry for all the times I didn't understand, for all the times I didn't tell you TVB – added Francesco Totti -, sorry for the missed hugs, for the unspoken words, for the mistakes I made, but above all thanks because you were a father and you will never stop being one. Without you I would never have made it, even if you are no longer with us your memory and your smile will never be forgotten! You had so many friends who loved you, because you had something different, you were always present, always available, you were everyone's friend, you were and are my pride (I hope I was too for you) ". Finally the farewell: "Today, more than ever, I understand how important you have been in my life, and for the next few years I will keep these precious memories in my heart. Hi dad… indeed… hi sheriff… have a good trip your Francesco ”.

Words that have been commented by many friends and fans who wanted to show their closeness to Totti. To console Francesco, Ilary Blasi who, as she has done for many years, never leaves him alone and is always next to him. The showgirl has remained silent these days. The last post published on Instagram dates back to 27 September and after the news of the death of father Enzo, no comments appeared. In the last few hours, however, Ilary has chosen to break the silence. A photo appeared in the Stories: a gray sky full of clouds. A way, perhaps, to tell about his state of mind and that of the family that is trying to process a pain that is still too strong.

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