Friends 2020, Arisa against all saves Arianna but loses Letizia. Martina dances and makes everyone move

Friends 2020, Arisa against all saves Arianna but loses Letizia. Martina dances and makes everyone move

In the Saturday episode, the differences between the coaches emerge more and more. The students' desks are at stake

The Saturday appointment with Amici di Maria De Filippi is discovering more and more the cards of the coaches involved in the formation of this year's talents class: Lorella Cuccarini and Alessandra Celentano seem more and more at the antipodes of Rosa's judgment, a dancer he just manages to get them to agree. Cuccarini once again confirmed Rosa's shirt, "in spite of" Alessandra's judgment who did not spare herself from judging the dancer not up to interpreting some technically complex pieces.

Even the differences between Arisa and Rudy are increasingly evident, the two professors appeared very distant on the opinion of Arianna who in recent weeks has experienced a suspended situation due to her conduct. Surprisingly, the singer, who in recent weeks has been questioned several times by Rudy, asked to change coach, moving into Arisa's "team" of talents, who welcomed her with open arms, even going against the judgment for her by Anna Pettinelli.

Rudy then decided to challenge Letizia again, and this greatly heated Arisa, who again proved to be very keen on the presence of the opera singer in the school, deeming the perplexities of others about the pupil quite incomprehensible. However, despite her commitment and undoubted vocal skills, Letizia lost the challenge and had to drop out of school.

Lorella Cuccarini has also decided to insist with the dancer Martina, touching a very delicate topic that concerns her, Martina in fact at an early age lost her father due to a serious accident, since then the dancer has explained that she can no longer listen to songs by Laura Pausini, on the other hand she managed to perform on the notes of “indelible” by Pausini, dedicating the exhibition to her late father.

Although the choreography did not require great technical skills, in the studio many were moved: students, professors and Martina herself, demonstrating what Lorella loudly supported: in dance, on stage, when the artists put in what they all do themselves, only good things happen.

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