Friends 2021, Celentano against Rosa and Martina: "They don't deserve the Evening"

Amici 2021, la Celentano contro Rosa e Martina: “Non meritano il Serale”

The evening is almost upon us and Alessandra Celentano has expressed her opinion on two dancers from the school of "Amici"

Alessandra Celentano is determined to get Rosa and Martina out of Amici's school. The most feared dance teacher of the talent show is increasingly convinced that the two dancers are not deserving of access to the evening, and so, in a confrontation in the studio with Rudy Zerbi and their students, she expressed her opinion on the young women.

Celentano and Zerbi are part of the same team: this year the production has decided to change the rules of the final phase of the broadcast and to form three teams with three pairs of professors (each including a singing teacher and a dance teacher), where each member brings their own children with them.

And like any self-respecting game, the dance teacher is ready to unleash her best weapons to beat the other competitors, focusing on the weak points of the opposing team. So, turning to Tommaso and Serena, Alessandra Celentano said she was certain that she could defeat those who, in her opinion, are not deserving of the golden jersey: “You are certainly two dancers with important skills to face the evening. The comparison between Rosa and Serena is impossible to do: when I talk about you I speak of qualities and qualities that Rosa does not have and will never have “.

And then he added: "In my opinion Rosa will be able to be an actress because she is a beautiful girl, she has a beautiful face, or maybe the last dancer on a television program, but to be a dancer as I say you need technique, skills, quality, and they are not things to be underestimated. I think that Rosa's access to the evening is undeserved because I believe she is not up to par. "

In the meantime, it is impossible not to notice Deddy's annoyed expression, tied to Rosa by a tender feeling. The two young people have come closer and closer within the school and now they are a steady couple.

Celentano, however, did not limit herself to expressing her opinion on Rosa: in her viewfinder there is also Martina, another dancer who in recent months has never entered into her good graces: "Not much to say about Martina. My thinking is that it doesn't excel in his, let alone in other styles. I think this is a very important opportunity, it can also change the life of many of you. For the Evening it is not enough to have a pretty face or to act while dancing to be a real dancer ”.

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