Friends 2021: Raoul talks about his children, gets excited and pays homage to Maria

The challenge in the evening of 'Amici' is getting more and more heated. Quarrels and twists enliven the evening, but Raoul Bova takes care of easing the tension

The challenge in the talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi is getting more and more heated. The boys are increasingly determined to make it to the final and to win the coveted prize for the singing section and the dance section. And alongside them, the professors who support them trying to implement the most effective strategies without sparing twists and breathtaking challenges.

Therefore, the tension is growing and this time too there was no lack of clashes. To hold the bench, as often happened in this exciting edition, Rudy Zerbi and Arisa, who have difficulty in finding a meeting point and who often find themselves arguing, and Alessandra Celentano and Lorella Cuccarini, who since the beginning of the show they made it clear that they have very different opinions on what quality dance is for them, also having very strong face to face.

The race opens with a gauntlet, the one launched by Rudy Zerbi and which involves his protege Sangiovanni and Tancredi, a member of Arisa's and Cuccarini's team. The two singers had to delight in writing, their workhorse, talking about an extremely important and very delicate theme: violence against women.

After the elimination of Rosa, Celentano has set itself the goal of demonstrating to the jury, composed of Stefano De Martino, Emanuele Filiberto and Antonio Fiordispino, aka Stash, that the dancer Martina does not deserve to reach the final and to represent the dance in the program. The latter, who in the last episode also received a judgment from Raimondo Todaro, is supported by Cuccarini instead.

To achieve her goal, Alessandra threw a gauntlet to the dancer and her teacher, promptly refused. Lorella, deeming the proposed choreography unacceptable even by making changes to it, has in fact deemed what her challenger proposed to be unsuitable. But that's not all: he raised, in turn proposing a challenge by deploying Alessandro against Serena. A clever move, that of the dance teacher, which makes her win a victory and, above all, the point.

To ease the tension, Raoul Bova who was greeted with a great appaluse. The actor intervened in the studio to present his next fiction, Good morning Mom, he also told some details of his life as a father:

Like everyone else, we fathers are not born learned, we find ourselves growing up with our children in this way and perhaps our children teach us to be a father. In my life as a father I have learned from time to time with every single child, since I have four, to be better.

He then took on the role of juror, sitting next to his colleagues and giving his opinion on a playful challenge between Arisa and Cuccarini and Zerbi and Celentano. First, however, he wanted to pay homage to the hostess by admitting that he was extremely excited. Thus, he gave a beautiful bouquet of white roses to Maria De Filippi, thanking her for the welcome.

And, during the sketch organized by the professors, the energy of Lorella Cuccarini, who performed singing and dancing, did not go unnoticed. Despite some time having passed since she stepped onto the stage as a star, she has proven that she still holds the title of queen of the show.

After the clashes and the fun, there was no shortage of touching moments either. If Sangiovanni dedicated romantic verses to his Giulia, the latter danced with Olivia, the daughter of Veronica Peparini, thrilling the whole jury, the audience in the studio and the professors.

Amici is thus approaching its final: the places for the competitors are becoming fewer and fewer and everyone is beginning to fear elimination. Who will be able to win the esteem of the jury and the affection of the public?

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