Friends, Raimondo Todaro loses his patience: he punishes Mattia and is adamant

Raimondo Todaro is not happy with the behavior of his pupil Mattia and takes a drastic decision

Following the lessons organized within the Amici school is one of the students’ main tasks. In fact, there are many professionals working for them ready to make their talent and skills available to allow them to learn, improve and earn a future in the world of dance or singing. Not everyone, however, always takes their duty seriously and, for this reason, Raimondo Todaro has lost patience with one of his students.

Raimondo Todaro loses his patience: the punishment for Mattia

Raimondo Todaro has shown since his first day as a teacher in the Amici school that he has extreme patience and, above all, a lot of understanding for the students, trying to understand their state of mind and kindly encouraging them to always give their best. If there is, however, one thing he has been uncompromising about, it is discipline.

The dance teacher, in fact, has no doubts: all students must respect the rules of the school and carry out their duties with a positive attitude. This is what, in the last lesson, he did not see in Mattia and, for this reason, he decided to punish him, suspending his shirt, preventing him from taking part in the lessons for a week and from performing in the next episode.

This morning when you took class I was behind the mirrors all the time, all the time, I didn’t go away even for a minute. […] You gave me a stomach ache for the attitude you had throughout the lesson: you didn’t like it, you were half asleep, you were annoyed. This is not the case with professionals who work for you.

From Mattia, Raimondo Todaro did not accept any kind of justification and excuse. He was therefore very hard and, even in the face of his pupil’s incredulity, he proved adamant. His is a choice that aims to make him understand the mistake and make sure that it does not happen again in the future.

Raimondo Todaro adamant: Mattia’s reaction

Faced with Todaro’s anger, Mattia could not help but remain silent. As soon as he returned to his companions, however, he said he was deeply sorry and, with a hint of disbelief, he burst into tears:

The thing that weighs on me the most is having disappointed him, he is the person who chose me, he is my teacher. […] I know I let him down and never thought I would.

Now, Mattia, will have to take this week off compulsory to reflect on his mistakes. Will he be able to make Raimondo Todaro understand that his was just one day’s mistake that will never happen again in the future?

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