Friends: Veronica Peparini's daughter is moving. The dedication of Andreas Muller

Olivia figlia di Veronica Peparini

Veronica Peparini's daughter moves to "Amici 2021": the tears of the judges and the dedication of Andreas Muller

Emotions and tears at Amici 2021 where an episode full of strong emotions was staged, from the performance of Olivia, daughter of Veronica Peparini, to the clash between Lorella Cuccarini and Alessandra Celentano.

Veronica Peparini's daughter, born of her love for Fabrizio Prolli, took part in the choreography of Giulia on the notes and L’Anima Vola. The little girl conquered everyone, stealing the show even from the competitor of Amici 2021. At the end of the performance, the dance teacher was moved, while Stefano De Martino and Stash appeared very excited. Despite being only a child, Olivia already has a great talent. The little girl appeared at ease on stage, revealing a unique expressiveness and skill. And if Mom Veronica's emotion was easily predictable, that of the judges was overwhelming. Impossible to resist in the face of the grace of Olivia, who at the end of the performance was called back by Maria De Filippi, to give her the applause she deserved for the sweetest step two ever staged in the show.

An authentic emotion and a magical atmosphere, made even more beautiful by the sweet smile of Olivia who accepted the compliments of the jury and left everyone speechless. Stefano De Martino and Stash were undoubtedly the most impressed by the expressiveness of Olivia, a very young talent, but who is destined for a great future in the world of dance, following in the footsteps of mother Veronica and uncle Giuliano. "Stefano you are devastated", commented Maria De Filippi and Belen Rodriguez's ex-husband replied: "Maria but how do you do it? I am destroyed, if I saw my son on stage I would have to go in an ambulance ”.

Behind the scenes to support Olivia, Andreas Muller, a former competitor of Amici 2021, and companion of Veronica Peparini, also arrived. The dancer told on Instagram the emotion of the little girl who behaved like a great professional on stage. “Good little one – he wrote, posting a tender photo of Olivia -. She had tachycardia until the last second, but she was a real dancer. All in tears ”.

But the fifth episode of Amici 2021 was characterized above all by the clash between Lorella Cuccarini and Alessandra Celentano. After the elimination of Rosa, the teacher targeted Martina, throwing her yet another gauntlet. "It is time to throw the third and I hope definitive gauntlet to Martina – announced Maria De Filippi, reading a letter from Celentano -. I hope it brings clarity in a final and unappealable way. This is why I throw a gauntlet on the hi-hat, a choreography that encompasses several different styles and enhances those who can dance. Since I know my chickens, I already know that Martina and Lorella Cuccarini will say that the choreography is too difficult. It is I, as required by the ethics of dance, who concedes to simplify the more technical steps of the classic and meet Martina's limited skills. Simplify, don't change though ”.

However, Cuccarini did not give up and replied to her colleague, asking for the intervention of the jury who invalidated the gauntlet. "Which is a ridiculous and inadequate gauntlet, even my cat noticed it", said the teacher of Amici 2021. "But wasn't she the most versatile dancer in the school?" Lorella who replied: “You don't want to understand in your head that the world of dance has so many languages”.

In the end it was Celentano who won. After a series of challenges and choreographies aimed at demonstrating the alleged inadequacy of the dancer, Martina left the school of Amici 2021. Arriving at the ballot with Deddy, the competitor received the communication from De Filippi. Moved, the girl thanked everyone for the experience. "I'll miss you, I'm not good at making speeches – she said -. You have been so important, all of you. I've never had any friends. I have never related to anyone like this in my life. I'll take you all with me ”.

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