Friends, what will happen after the talent: the future of singers

Friends, what will happen after the talent: the future of singers

"Amici 21" is a talent, but above all a springboard for young singers. And the record companies already have clear ideas

Amici 2021, the dancers and singers admitted to the evening

Amici di Maria De Filippi is first of all a school that cultivates talents. But nothing would make sense if there wasn't an "after" and this is one of the winning figures of the longest-lived talent in Italy: Maria and the teachers are committed to finding the young promises of Italian music with the hope that for them the future be rosy and full of successes.

It was for some students, who over the years have become real stars. Just think of Alessandra Amoroso, Emma Marrone, The Kolors of Stash and Annalisa, just to name a few. Because if there is a goal that De Filippi has achieved, it is precisely to clear the idea that a talent is just a game, demonstrating that if done with commitment and professionalism it can become the springboard for many young people. An opportunity to fulfill yourself as an artist.

Also this year Amici is no less and the future of the singers who have arrived at the evening and who are competing for victory to the sound of challenges and performances promises to be full of beautiful surprises and projects. Sangiovanni, Deddy, Tancredi and Aka7even are the voices of this twentieth edition of the talent and have already had the opportunity to produce their first unreleased singles, launching them on the market and reaching a vast audience on the major digital platforms (we are talking about 157 million streams ).

As if that weren't enough, the first recognitions fell. Aka7even with Mi manchi sold more than 35 thousand copies, winning the Gold Disc, while Sangiovanni with Lady exceeded 70 thousand, taking home the Gold Disc and then the Platinum one.

And after the talent? The main record companies have observed (and listened) very carefully the four young artists competing and have already made their choices. Sony Music Italy will produce Aka7even under the Columbia Records label, Sugar wanted Sangiovanni, who is one of the big favorites for the win and who continues to be the center of attention not only for his talent, but also for the sweet love story with the dancer Giulia. Finally Deddy and Tancredi will be produced by Warner Music Italy.

In short, regardless of who will win the victory at the Evening of Amici 2021, a certainty remains: for the boys it is a dream that comes true. It is up to them to prove what they are worth and to fully seize an important opportunity like this.

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