From former manager to fighter: the courageous story of Kira Rudik

Kira Rudik was a member of the Ukrainian Parliament, but decided to take up arms to defend her country

Until 2019 she was one of the CEOs in the Ukrainian headquarters of Amazon Ring, until a few days ago she sat in the Ukrainian Parliament as president of the Golos party, which in Ukrainian means Voice, now takes up arms and defends her people: the story of deep courage of Kira Rudik, one of those women who are putting their lives in danger every day just to make a difference in an unjust and bloody war.

Kira Rudik: who is the former manager who became a fighter

She was born on October 14, 1985 in Oujhorod to a mother dancer and a worker father, employed in the Uzhgorodpribor factory. With the collapse of the USSR and the closure of the company, her father started doing wedding videos, while her mother found a job in the United States. Following the divorce of the two, probably caused by her enormous distance, Kira grew up with her father and grandmother. Today Kira Rudik is 36 years old, she has a degree in computer science and a master’s degree in information technology, degrees from the University of Kiev. Kira she has long been involved in managing a security company acquired by Amazon, proving to be a real guru in her sector, then she has dedicated herself to politics, becoming an MP. Now, at this very moment, she is wearing the shoes of a fighter.

Kira Rudik: the choice not to back down

The war is raging in Ukraine, the Russians continue to hit cities, military targets and do not spare civilians in a bloody confrontation more than ever. Rudik could not and could not stand and watch and, like so many of her fellow citizens of hers, she decided not to leave. On the contrary, she has armed herself to join the people who are strenuously slowing down the Russian advance, without fear and with a courage that has something superhuman, and she is fighting to resist. In fact, Kira said: “We have always wondered what would be the force that would have stopped Putin. They thought it would be a coalition of large countries, instead it was us ”, united and ready to give our lives in order not to succumb to imperialist madness.

Rudik told on social media how she came to the decision to take up arms: “I learned how to use the Kalashnikov. It seems surreal, because just a few days ago it would never have occurred to me. But women will also protect our soil in the same way as our men ”. In the photo she is holding the machine gun, with an expression that looks like a mixture of determination and resignation. “We will shoot to protect the country and those we love,” she later adds on Twitter, continuing to inform the world.

In the various connections with Ukrainian TV we see her busy explaining situations of the new daily life: “I’m in the basement because we’re here to protect ourselves from bombs”. Flashes of moments of war, some quick interventions on social networks, an interview on CNN to get the message everywhere in the world. Kira Rudik explained that “we have been given the guns and we will be able to resist if the Russian forces reach Kiev. Right now there are explosions behind me and I feel the glass shaking. But it is my duty to stay and defend the homeland “. With truly exemplary courage.

The fighter Kira Rudik

Kira Rudik, the fighter post on Instagram

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