From tonic with melon to elixir with crambe butter: beauty news of the week

From tonic with melon to elixir with crambe butter: beauty news of the week

Tonka Perfumes Moscow has released a perfumed line of body and hair care

The brand presented several new products for the body and hair:

  • hand cream and soap;
  • shower gel;
  • body lotion;
  • shampoo and hair conditioner.

The formulas are based on pure essential oils, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, plant extracts, vitamin E, keratin and protein. All products are in large convenient 500 ml bottles.

Perfumed line of body and hair care  Tonka Perfumes Moscow

Perfumed body and hair care line Tonka Perfumes Moscow

The brand is famous for its memorable scents and compositions. The first fragrance of the collection was the hit Yuzhnaya kozha with notes of bergamot, saffron, vetiver, leather, patchouli and almond, created by perfumer Kalis Bakker.

Foreo introduced a new generation of microcurrents Bear 2 for face and body care

The Swedish brand continues to improve and expand the collection. The new generation of microcurrent gadgets is represented by:

  • Bear 2 for facethe effect of which can be compared to Botox.
  • Bear 2 go for face compactwhich is convenient to take with you on trips.
  • Bear 2 eyes & lips for the area around the eyes and lips gently affects the desired areas, smoothing out facial wrinkles, eliminating bags under the eyes, dispersing excess fluid in the tissues and emphasizing the volume of the lips.
  • Bear 2 body for body — for body care with four microcurrent spheres. It firms the skin on the thighs, legs, abdomen and arms, making it smoother and firmer. Combined with the company’s patented T-Sonic technology, microcurrents enhance lymphatic drainage, removing water and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

The popularity of the devices is explained by the fact that they affect the deep layers of the skin and relax the muscles, thereby relieving spasms and tension, launching the natural processes of collagen production, which leads to improved tone, restoration of firmness and elasticity. The skin looks younger, wrinkles become less pronounced, and the tone becomes more even.

Gadgets for the face and area around the eyes Bear 2, Foreo

Gadgets for the face and area around the eyes Bear 2, Foreo

Now all gadgets combine several types of microcurrents:

  • Advanced Microcurrent – ​​direct current stimulates muscle function, strengthening them and tightening the skin.
  • lifting microcurrents – repeating current fluctuations from low to high purity affect the muscles, improving the clarity of the oval of the face.
  • pulsating microcurrents (Tapping Microcurrent) – fast and short waves of current pass through the upper layers of the skin, giving it radiance and tone.
  • Sculpting Microcurrent – ​​Microcurrents tone the deep layers of muscles, making facial contours clearer and more expressive.

Ligne St Barth presented a limited edition Island Gaden set

The new product includes four hits of the brand that will help you get a beautiful and even tan without damaging your skin:

  • tonic lotion with melon extract (non-alcoholic) for sensitive skin, which can be used at any time of the day;
  • cold pressed coconut oil for skin and hair care;
  • shower gel with a relaxing aroma vetiver and lavender;
  • lipstick tree oil SPF6 for tanning.
Limited edition Island Gaden, Ligne St Barth

Limited edition Island Gaden, Ligne St Barth

The design on the set’s packaging is inspired by the nature of the island of Saint Barthélemy, where the Caribbean brand’s products are developed and manufactured.

Mila Moursi now has a restorative night elixir

The new product appeared thanks to the brand’s star clients. Anti-aging care specialist Mila Moursi is used by Hollywood actresses and actors to quickly and effectively improve their skin condition. After all, a busy filming schedule and an unstable rhythm of life lead to general stress, as well as depletion of the skin. The cosmetologist decided to create a product whose effect is immediately visible. The result is a restorative night elixir that simultaneously relieves fatigue, soothes and cares. In the morning, the skin looks rested, elastic and smooth.

Revitalizing night elixir Mila Moursi

Mila Moursi Revitalizing Night Elixir

The elixir contains natural ingredients:

  • crambe oil (Abyssinian mustard), which, due to vitamins A, B, D, E and saturated fatty acids, restores the water-lipid balance of the skin and returns its natural radiance;
  • Inca inchi seed oil to moisturize and restore natural protective functions;
  • Cold-pressed jojoba oil stimulates the production of your own collagen, increases skin elasticity, cleanses clogged pores and regulates sebum production;
  • Tsubaki oil contains antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals;
  • Evening primrose oil, thanks to saturated fatty acids, strengthens the natural protective barrier and increases elasticity;
  • squalane for hydration.

Phyris was inspired by nature to create the FoREST line

The German brand included five products in the line that are designed for daily care. The products have light textures, and the formulas are based on three key components – extracts of birch, moss and chaga mushroom. The line includes:

  • serum-elixir for even skin tone and smoothness;
  • gel cream to give smoothness and freshness. The product also has a mattifying effect;
  • light cream with soothing and moisturizing properties;
  • nutritious cream to restore and protect the skin from premature aging;
  • refreshing mask with probiotics protects skin from free radicals and fights premature aging.
Facial skin care line FoREST, Phyris

Facial skin care line FoREST, Phyris

K18 has developed a booster oil for hair restoration

The American brand K18 is known for its hair restoration products. The new product is a molecular booster oil, which, due to the high concentration of beneficial substances, fights defects on the middle and outer layer of the cuticle, restoring the hair structure. The product also removes frizz and covers split ends. It protects hair from humidity for 24 hours, prevents color changes in dyed hair, works as a shield, preventing external factors from affecting the hair structure, and prolongs the durability of the hairstyle.

Contains avocado oil, sunflower oil, hemisqualane, squalane and a patented bioactive peptide.

Booster oil K18 for hair restoration at the molecular level

Booster oil K18 for hair restoration at the molecular level

The Somelove brand appeared on the European market

Behind the new European brand of natural cosmetics Somelove are people from Offspring and Yandex Natalia Korchagina, Sergey Taskin and Alexandra Sanchez. They focused on hypoallergenic products that are suitable even for people with atopic dermatitis and other sensitive skin conditions. This is achieved through proven formulas. For example, instead of water, which is usually used as a solvent, the composition contains soothing and softening organic aloe vera juice.

Particular attention was paid to aromas. Unobtrusive compositions are created on the basis of natural extracts and essential oils – lavender, magnolia, vanilla and bergamot.

Somelove Collection

Somelove Collection

The brand offers a variety of products, such as moisturizing foam cleanser; tonic that restores skin pH; body milk with a lifting effect; moisturizing cream-shower gel; hydrophilic elixir to increase skin elasticity and relaxation; children’s products.

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