Gessica Notaro tells herself: "When I look in the mirror I like myself"

Gessica Notaro tells herself: "When I look in the mirror I like myself"

Gessica Notaro tells about her rebirth and the facial features that are reappearing

Gessica Notaro talks about herself, with strength and courage, as always, revealing the way in which, little by little, she is regaining possession of her face. Thanks to a series of delicate operations, the former competitor of Dancing with the Stars is seeing his disappeared features reappear after that terrible evening four years ago in which the ex Edson Tavares attacked her. "In the laser operation, Dr. Brunelli went to sculpt that mask I have been wearing for four years, to bring out my face, which was trapped underneath – he revealed to FanPage -. I saw my right nostril reappear and it is beautiful, it is a great satisfaction ”.

"I remember that on the evening of the attack I asked God to at least leave me sight – he revealed -. I told him: "Take away my beauty, but leave me my eyes to look at the world because for me it is the priority". At that moment, I was ready to lose my face. But it's nice to see that something improves every day. Perhaps those who have not lived what I have experienced cannot fully understand it, but for me looking in the mirror and seeing a nostril is a dream, it is incredible. Now I'm fantasizing about the rest ”.

In the coming months, Gessica will have to undergo new surgeries, but, as she always has, she is not afraid and looks to the future with hope and determination. “On April 13 the doctor will operate on the contour of the mouth, where I have scars – he revealed -. It will be crazy. Then it will be necessary to intervene on the left nostril, on the eyelids, I will have to do the cornea transplant. There is work, but frankly I don't think about it. I enjoy life and when I look in the mirror I like myself ”.

Today Gessica Notaro has become a symbol and an example for many women who suffer violence and do not find the strength to react, carrying on an important battle. For some time now there has been her boyfriend Filippo Bologni, known thanks to the common passion for horses. "Love is beautiful, it makes you feel good, it makes you happy – she said, revealing that she has returned to love despite her painful past -. It's a totally different thing, why be afraid of it? Despite everything, I still live in the world of Walt Disney, I believe in dreams and in prince charming. However, I always try to avoid the comparison between the beautiful relationship that I am living and the crime events that concern me. I don't want to bring that shadow into my new life. I try to separate the two ”.

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