GF, De André in crisis and Vignali reacts to the ex's lawsuit

GF, De André in crisis and Vignali reacts to the ex's lawsuit

Francesca De André in crisis after her boyfriend's photos seeks comfort in Gennaro. Vignali in tears seems to have heard of Laudoni's lawsuit

Francesca De André's sentimental situation is becoming increasingly complicated. Ever since she learned of the rumors circulating about her boyfriend Giorgio Tambellini and Rosi Zamboni, she has always been closer to her roommate Gennaro.

After seeing the photos depicting her boyfriend leaving her house in the company of Zamboni, Francesca reacted with anger and was very disappointed. Despite trying to find an explanation for what she saw, the girl appears increasingly convinced that she has been betrayed.

The result is an emotional crisis to which De André seems unable to find a solution. Although she feels very close to Gennaro, in fact, she cannot completely let herself go because of the situation outside the house.

Only Gennaro, however, seems to be able to calm her down. Sitting in the garden the two had a very sweet confrontation, in which De André, in tears, confessed his feelings to him. Gennaro, for his part, admitted that it is really difficult for him to be close to her, but that his only desire is to see her happy. He then reassured her, promising to be there for her.

"You don't have to think about anyone, you just have to think about yourself right now"

The emotional swing for Francesca De André is, however, destined to continue. On Afternoon Five, Barbara D’Urso showed an envelope containing other photos that could demonstrate the betrayal of Giorgio Tambellini. The envelope has been called 'shock' by the presenter and will be opened only in the next episode of Sunday Live.

Not easy days for Valentina Vignali too. Stefano Laudoni, a former basketball player, has in fact decided to legally proceed against her. The basketball player did not like some of the statements made by Vignali and therefore decided to sue her.

The melancholy mood recently shown by Valentina, and even a few tears shed in the garden, suggests that she learned of the ex boyfriend's decision. In short, if so, the basketball player seems not to have taken the second measure against him well. The first warning, on which Vignali had joked, had come from Francesca Brambilla, accused of being Stefano Laudoni's lover when he was still engaged to Valentina.

One thing is certain, the next episode of Big Brother will be full of twists.

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