GF Vip 2021, the report cards of the episode of February 15, 2021

GF Vip 2021, the report cards of the episode of February 15, 2021

The report cards of the episode of February 15, 2021 of the "GF Vip", between the confessions of Tommaso Zorzi and the return of the Ruta

GF Vip 5, the official cast chosen by Alfonso Signorini

The final of the GF Vip is very close now and the tension is growing. This is demonstrated by the episode of February 15, 2021 which was full of twists, confessions and comparisons. Great protagonist of the evening Maria Teresa Ruta who returned to the House after the surprise elimination of the last live broadcast, space also for the confessions of Tommaso Zorzi about his father and Aurora Ramazzotti, but above all the feeling that is being born between Rosalinda Cannavò and Andrea Zenga .

Let's find out the report cards and the votes to the highlights of the evening and the protagonists.

MARIA TERESA RUTA – After the last episode left the scene, Maria Teresa returned to the House for a face to face with Stefania Orlando and Tommaso Zorzi. The relationship between the presenter and the two friends had always been very strong, but it had suddenly crumbled due to the alleged lies of Ruta su Baccini. The presenter explained why she chose to leave the Cinecittà loft without saying goodbye to anyone after discovering the verdict of the public. “You were my friends – he said -. I was myself, but in the last week I heard a few words and it hurt me. With you, Tommaso, I was waiting for you to tell me something. I staked everything on friendship and I'm angry with myself. I am here also because I owe it to this public who loves me and asked me to assert myself. When I talk about you, I say that I love you. I ran away because I would have burst into tears and did not want to – he concluded -. This house was my anchor ”. Tommaso Zorzi tried to defend himself: "I have never isolated Maria Teresa, lately she was self-isolating", he clarified, but the last word was Ruta: "I went out, don't talk badly behind my back". Thus ends the path of one of the strongest and most loved characters of this GF Vip. With her smile and strength, Maria Teresa managed to overcome numerous nominations and conquer the public. Many are convinced that his farewell to the House was the result of a strategy of the other competitors, he certainly remains a person who has given so much to the program and who has made it successful. If the objective of the Ruta was to prove itself without filters or masks, it succeeded perfectly. VOTE: 9.

ANDREA ZELLETTA – The former tronista of Men and Women was undoubtedly a surprise at GF Vip. Anyone who thought he would come out after a few episodes had to change his mind because Andrea, without elbowing, arguing or screaming, managed to win over the other tenants of the House and the public. Polite, never over the top and sensitive, Andrea has perfectly embodied the image of the "good guy" we need now more than ever. He has overcome with great class the gossip about an alleged betrayal of his partner Natalia Paragoni and has shown that he has all the credentials to win. In the February 15 episode of GF Vip, the influencer appeared again after a few months ago he had distrusted the reality show. He did it to send a message to Andrea who, with shining eyes, listened to his words. "You know that you don't need many words between you, but I am proud of the man you are – she said -. Before starting this journey, you often told me that we would become stronger than before. Now I tell you that when you get out, as late as possible, you will understand that we have truly become invincible. Don't cry because it's close. You have all my support. You have never been alone ”. And we like Zelletta even more. VOTE: 8.

TOMMASO ZORZI – Tommaso is the third finalist of the GF Vip and gives us, once again, great emotions. The influencer returned to talk about his relationship with Aurora Ramazzotti to whom he wrote a letter on Valentine's Day. In fact, Zorzi and Michelle Hunziker's daughter had a fight before he entered the house, but now he would like to make peace and mend the relationship. “Aurora is the first person I call on Valentine's Day to complain about my love life – he confided -. Since she is very lucky in this respect, she always manages to cheer me up a little, to make me weigh less. Whether we can recover this relationship? Let's hope". Time for reflection for Tommaso, who also explained that he wanted to get closer to his father. At the beginning of the reality show he had often talked about their relationship which had deteriorated with the divorce of their parents. “Let's start over, who cares what happened. Let's go back to having a relationship, ”he said, admitting that he had some fault:“ My father found a wall several times when he was looking for me, I'm extremely impulsive and I'm wrong in this. When pride gets in the way between a parent and a child, it is the end. It is a competition to see who can answer the phone less, who waits more time to send back a message. You trigger this mechanism because you are afraid of being hurt. You focus only on the negative things. For fear of being sick again, you leave with the retreat ". Talking about feelings and erasing pride is never easy, especially on TV. This is why we like Tommaso even more. VOTE: 8.

ROSALINDA CANNAVÒ – Difficult moments, but also very exciting for Rosalinda Cannavò who had to deal with her feelings for Andrea Zenga and with the reaction of her boyfriend Giuliano. At the beginning of the episode, Alfonso Signorini announced the boy's desire to distance himself from the actress: "Rosalinda, you must know that Giuliano sent us a request not to talk about him through his lawyer – he explained -. A request that he extended to everyone, including you. So I ask you to respect in every way what Giuliano, through his lawyers, has asked of us ”. A choice that inevitably seems to mark the path of Rosalinda, ever closer to Walter Zenga's son. During the live broadcast, in fact, both revealed the feelings they feel and it is increasingly clear that the doubts that gripped Cannavò have now disappeared. The actress is undoubtedly the competitor who has undergone the most evolution and it was nice to see her grow, change and become stronger. VOTE: 8.

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