GF Vip 2021, the report cards of the episode of February 19, 2021

Rosalinda Cannavò

From Zorzi's emotion for his father to the clash between Dayane and Rosalinda: the report cards of the February 19, 2021 episode of "GF Vip"

GF Vip 5, the official cast chosen by Alfonso Signorini

Another event full of twists for the GF Vip. The episode of February 19 was characterized by face to face and emotional moments. Dayane Mello and Rosalinda Cannavò, after a complicated week, clashed live. The model did not digest her friend's choice to start a relationship in the House with Andrea Zenga and the actress let herself go to tears. Sad moment also for Giulia Salemi who left the Cinecittà loft after the televoting clash with Stefania Orlando. Tommaso Zorzi, after having confessed in the last episode, received a moving letter from his father, while Samantha De Grenet has come to terms with a bad sentence pronounced during the week.

Let's find out the report cards to the competitors and the highlights.

DAYANE MELLO – The episode of the GF Vip opened with the firefight between Dayane and Rosalinda Cannavò. At the center of the debate is the actress's relationship with Andrea Zenga. Despite the tears of her friend, who appeared desperate, the model was adamant. The supermodel has expressed her doubts about her friend, accused of following a strategy. Rosalinda therefore tried to justify herself. "I'm not throwing away five months of friendship that have been real for me – he explained -. She says everything and its opposite. She used to love me and wanted to move in with me. Now he makes fun of me, he says I play the victim, he mocks me, he says I'm heavy, that it's all a strategy. It's easy for her to attack personally. He did it with me and with so many people in here. I am proud of who I am and how I will get out of here. I followed my feelings. What he says hurts me, I can't pretend to be happy. I feel bad because she is important to me. But if he is not happy to see me reborn… How can you attack a person who has always been close to you ”. Dayane then replied: “You made a journey with me but when something good happened to you, you didn't tell me. You are the one, sad all day. You named my affections. You are a layer". Not even Cannavò's tears made Mello change her mind. “For me it is a great pain”, admitted Rosalinda, but Dayane replied: “You have been crying for five months, what do I have to tell you”. Dayane's coldness is striking, both for the relationship she has always had with the actress and for her great sensitivity, demonstrated several times. VOTE: 5.

TOMMASO ZORZI – Moving and splendid: Father Lorenzo's letter thrilled not only the influencer, but also the viewers. In the past episodes of GF Vip, Tommaso had talked about the problems caused by the divorce of his parents, the anger at the absence of his father, but also the desire to rebuild a relationship after so many years. "This evening your dad wanted to talk to you – announced Alfonso Signorini – and he did it through a video that he wanted to create and produce with his own hands, taking care of every detail". Tommaso followed the clip with emotion, listening to the words of his parent: "Dear Tommy, I'm sure you know that I'm following you in this somewhat crazy and alienating adventure you are doing. I also do it in moments torn from work, between a meeting and a break, and you made me rediscover a pleasure that, reluctantly, I had not experienced for a long time and that I miss – the daily routine of life and the alternation of your moods " . At the end of the video, Zorzi confirmed his desire to spend more time with his father and to forgive the mistakes of the past. “You took away my words – he revealed -. I think it is one of the most beautiful letters I have ever read. I have a desire to resume the relationship with my father that is now more than ever felt. I found a little boy who wants to be with his dad. I think this is one of the best gifts you could give me and that my dad could give me ". Pure emotions, without fiction and feelings in which everyone can find themselves. Thomas proves, once again, that he knows how to get straight to the heart. VOTE: 9.

ELIZABETH GREGORACI – The showgirl proves, once again, that she does not want to ride the gossip. Entering the house to live a new experience, she broke all prejudices, bringing to light a genuine person. Outside the Cinecittà loft, Elisabetta could have talked for weeks about her relationship with Pierpaolo Pretelli and the rivalry with Giulia Salemi, but she chose not to. It is therefore not surprising his reaction to a question from Signorini about the future of the influencer and the former strip of the Strip. “Do you wish them much happiness?” Asked Alfonso. That was enough to trigger Gregoraci's reaction. “But it's obvious. Enough of this story. You always put me in the way. I started this path and I would do everything I did, all the emotions I experienced, including Pier, but our friendship was different from their relationship. I wish him much happiness. I said that the relationship that you live inside the House is different from a relationship outside, but a lot of happiness for the two of them. What I have to say?". Gregoraci keeps out of certain dynamics and shows great sincerity, also replying to Pupo who talks about a possible dinner in Montecarlo paid for by Briatore. “Enough, we returned in September – he replies -. Let's have this dinner in Montecarlo and I'll cook, I'll make him a carbonara ”. VOTE: 8.

GIULIA SALEMI – The suspicion is that no one really understood it. Because behind Giulia's smiles there is much more and unfortunately even in this Big Brother the public has only half discovered her. And it is a video shown live by Signorini to condense all the suffering of Salemi. “I feel like a nobody – he tells Pierpaolo -. How can I become so attached to people who do not reciprocate me? ”. His departure from the scene is a real shame because beyond the love story with Pretelli and the controversy there was a person still to be discovered. A missed opportunity that, we hope, can be recovered in the future. VOTE: 6 for trust.

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