GF Vip, Adua Del Vesco ready to leave the house: "I don't know whether to stay"

GF Vip, Adua Del Vesco ready to leave the house: "I don't know whether to stay"

Adua Del Vesco plans to leave the "GF Vip" house after the farewell of Flavia Vento and the crisis of Myriam Catania

Another competitor could leave the Casa del GF Vip. This is Adua Del Vesco who is experiencing a moment of profound crisis. In fact, the actress seems to have regretted having named her ex-boyfriend Massimiliano Morra. The two lived an intense love affair, which ended due to jealousy and found themselves, years later, in the GF Vip house. The Love story did not end well and in the first episode between Adua and Massimiliano there was a tough confrontation. The actress and former of Gabriel Garko therefore chose to nominate the actor.

Days later, however, during a chat with Francesco Oppini and Matilde Brandi, she revealed that she felt uncomfortable and was not inclined to play a game like that of GF Vip. “I feel really in trouble, I'm thinking about staying – he confessed -. I know that this game will lead me to necessarily go against someone and I'm not bad, I don't know how to do it, this thing makes me feel bad ”. Del Vesco is not the only tenant of the House in crisis. A few hours after entering the red door, in fact, Myriam Catania also let herself go to tears, stating that she missed her son and companion Quentin.

“I miss you so much – he said, thinking of them -. It's too hard I can't. I don't know why it's so difficult. I don't understand, maybe it just takes a little time to get used to, it's as if everything were amplified a hundred thousand times more. It seems easier than you think ”. Staying in the Cinecittà bunker is proving to be very difficult for the competitors, so much so that the first abandonment has already occurred. Flavia Vento, 24 hours after her entry, left the GF Vip amidst controversy.

The showgirl, guest of Live – It's not D’Urso, justified her farewell, stating that she missed her dogs. “I retired because one of my dogs was sick two days earlier. I thought about it and decided to leave to be close to him. I have seven dogs, I have adopted them, but I have to live. I heard what my heart was telling me – he explained – I abandoned for dogs, I want to try, you don't know what I've been going through for four years with my animals. I'm alone, I spent 4 Christmases and 5 New Years in total solitude for them ".

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