GF Vip, evening of emotions: Arisa surprises and Pretelli is moved by Ariadna

GF Vip, serata di emozioni: Arisa sorprende e Pretelli si commuove per Ariadna

An evening of great emotions at the "GF Vip": Arisa surprised Malgioglio, while Pretelli talked about Ariadna

The Christmas spirit has arrived in the House of Big Brother Vip: the evening in fact reserved many emotions, including surprises for the tenants and dormant feelings.

After a rather turbulent opening of the episode, with a confrontation between Samantha De Grenet and Maria Teresa Ruta, Alfonso Signorini wanted to surprise Cristiano Malgioglio, making him return to the Cinecittà loft for a special meeting.

Inside the Cucurio, the singer-songwriter found Arisa: the two artists, great friends and neighbors, couldn't help but hug each other (obviously through the plexiglass barrier). Cristiano, very excited, said to Arisa: "I am delighted to see you, I have enormous admiration for you, you know. For me you have the most beautiful voice we have in Italy, I love you very much! ”.

But the surprises for Malgioglio did not end there: Signorini made him unwrap a huge package, in which a panettone was hidden. In the last episode, the artist had confessed since his mother disappeared – for 26 years – he hadn't had the courage to eat it.

"Christmas for me is always a trauma, Big Brother always manages to get expressed emotions out of you," said Malgioglio. And so Alfonso asked the singer to join the other "Vippos" to eat a piece of panettone with them, amid the tears and emotion of everyone.

Great emotions also for Pierpaolo Pretelli, who called into the Mystery Room, found himself facing the images with his ex Ariadna Romero: “In these days I have tried to clarify something inside me, because I thought I had passed this phase. We broke up for trivial things, we were still so much in love ".

The former velino confessed that during the lockdown he had confessed that he still had feelings for her, that he had opened his heart to her, trying to win her back once again: "My son is very lucky because he was born of love".

"Do you still love Ariadna?" Asked Signorini point blank. Pretelli promptly replied: "I'm trying to understand it, I'm trying to distinguish the love for my son's mother and feelings for her. When I saw her again, I saw family, love, I relived all the good things we spent together. I think something clicked in her because she is the last person I expected to see here ".

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