GF Vip, Pierpaolo Pretelli on Elisabetta Gregoraci: "It was never clear"

In the House of the "GF Vip" Pretelli, speaking with the other tenants, he vented on his relationship with Elisabetta Gregoraci

Elisabetta Gregoraci left the Big Brother Vip house a week ago to hug her son Nathan Falco again, yet inside the Cinecittà bunker we still talk about her. To let off steam with the other tenants was Pierpaolo Pretelli, who wanted to have his say on the relationship with the showgirl.

In a chat with Giulia Salemi and Giacomo Urtis, the former velino of Striscia La Notizia gave vent to his feelings: "I felt guilty for being happy", admitted Petrelli with the other tenants of the House.

This state of mind obviously has its origin in the quarrel with Elisabetta Gregoraci: the two had a very deep relationship within the Cinecittà loft. Pierpaolo and Elisabetta have remained as "special" friends: Briatore's ex-wife never wanted to go further, posing various obstacles to the relationship.

During the last episode, however, Gregoraci and Pretelli had a tough confrontation. He had confirmed the statements of some tenants who believed that Elizabeth's exit had made her "reborn", but the showgirl did not like these words so much that she replied irritably, accusing him of playing the role of the victim.

So Pierpaolo, during the outburst with the roommates, spoke about that confrontation: “There is no way that I felt guilty. I found myself faced with a person who has always put friendship in front of me, and who if he had loved me would have said to me 'Pier keep it up! You're doing great, I'm glad you're happy. ' But why does he want to see me that I'm sick, that I have a shitty mood! Then you don't want the good of a person “.

Pretelli also let himself go to a confession about Gregoraci and their relationship made up of conflicting signals: “Some things were not understood, however she gave me the opportunity to continue. It's not like I went like a train with no destination. Otherwise I pass for stupid! But then when he got to the episode he said: 'Nothing clicked, we're just friends'. But how? I didn't say anything on the spot because I wanted to protect her, because I knew she had a family outside. She was never clear with me ”.

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