GF Vip, quarrel behind the scenes between Matilde Brandi and Franceska Pepe

Alfonso Signorini tells of the quarrel between Matilde Brandi and Franceska Pepe behind the scenes of the "GF Vip"

Alfonso Signorini tells the quarrel behind the scenes between Matilde Brandi and Franceska Pepe at GF Vip. There is no good blood flowing between the two former tenants of the Cinecittà House and after the clash at Live – It's not D’Urso, they would have discussed the reality show backstage too. It was revealed by the conductor who explained: "It was after one twenty in the morning, the episode had just ended, when the former competitors Matilde Brandi and Franceska Pepe, as they left the studio, had a heated argument" .

At the origin of the dispute there would be a dispute that arose in Barbara D’Urso's living room. "Pepe – said Signorini – approached the former tenant of the house, telling her that the night before she seemed very offended by his words while now she seemed very amused. Brandi reacted immediately and tried to reach Pepe with a combative air, and only the prompt intervention of an author of the program prevented the two from coming to blows ”.

A few days before the clash, Matilde and Pepe had heated discussions on Live – It's not D’Urso. Franceska had accused Brandi of being false and she had burst into tears. "I am a mother and I have two little girls to protect, after your accusations my daughters were attacked, the showgirl explained -. I speak to you with my heart in my hand ”. However, the 28-year-old model replied: “Are you crying? It doesn't seem like a mature way of reacting ”.

During the last episode of GF Vip, the former tenants would have had a new rather heated confrontation. The story was also confirmed by Pepe herself who wrote on social media: "After making a friend and asking me for my number, while I am speaking or trying to make an intervention by raising her hand, she makes faces at me – she revealed, speaking of Matilde Brandi -. He is a hypocritical, false and opportunistic person. They are games of a very low level, because only a fool could fall into such a trap where a person pretends to be cute … if he could he would kill me. In the house he wished me that my leg would be cut off. I would have gladly ripped off the wig that you keep on your head ”.

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