GF Vip, Romero is unbalanced on Gregoraci: "She brought out the best of Pretelli"

GF Vip, Romero is unbalanced on Gregoraci: "She brought out the best of Pretelli"

Ariadna Romero is back to talk about Pierpaolo Pretelli's flirtations in the "GF Vip" House

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After witnessing the sentimental events of Pierpaolo Pretelli, one of the protagonists of Big Brother Vip, the splendid Ariadna Romero decides to unbalance herself on the two girls with whom her ex has reached a certain level of intimacy. And, surprisingly, she is particularly impressed by Elisabetta Gregoraci.

This edition of GF Vip saw Pierpaolo Pretelli getting closer and closer to the beautiful Calabrian presenter, who never really wanted to let go. Once he left the most spied on house in Italy, to return to his son in time for the Christmas holidays, the ex velino got to know the new entry Giulia Salemi better, and passion broke out between them. In all this, Ariadna Romero has decided to have her say.

The beautiful model had an important relationship with Pierpaolo, from which their son Leonardo, a beautiful three-year-old boy, was born. Although things did not go well between them, they remained on good terms. In an interview with the weekly Chi, Romero explained that she does not want to put too much balance on Pretelli's flirtations, at least until one of them turns into something serious.

"He's a thirty-year-old boy, he had some flirtations before joining the GF – as I did – it's normal. This or any other relationship, if and when it becomes a formal relationship, to the point of presenting the eventual partner to Leonardo, then it will be something that will also compete with me "- Ariadna explained. However, he can't help but have a preference about the woman who might someday partner with her ex.

On the question of whether Gregoraci or Salemi were better, the Cuban-born model revealed: “I don't know Elisabetta, but she brought out the best in him. Giulia is of another age, on the other hand; I know her, she is a good girl, but she has a different character ”. And again: “Having a son, if I think of the woman of his life… But I was happy and blessed with Elizabeth! Lacking experience, there are precautions that Giulia does not have, this does not mean that it is not going well. And then they are Pier's decisions ”.

In short, Ariadna would have had nothing against if Pierpaolo had established a serious relationship with Gregoraci. But Flavio Briatore's ex never let go of the handbrake during the flirtation with the young model, and it is also for this reason that love never blossomed between them. The question with Giulia Salemi seems to be very different, since she was immediately very interested in the young Pretelli. However, if the two continue dating, they will face the most difficult test: that of everyday life, once away from the cameras.

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