GF Vip, Soleil: her mother Wendy intervenes to defend her from attacks

GF Vip, Soleil: her mother Wendy intervenes to defend her from attacks

Wendy, the mother of Soleil, defends her daughter from the attacks received inside the Big Brother Vip house and confirms the influencer’s words on Gianmaria

Soleil Sorge is undoubtedly one of the protagonists of this sixth edition of Big Brother Vip. In fact, since its entry, it has become the protagonist of numerous discussions that have brought it to the center of attention several times and to receive attacks from other competitors. To defend and encourage her on this path, her mother Wendy Kay intervened, with very harsh opinions on some competitors.

Soleil, the words of mother Wendy

The relationship between Soleil and his mother Wendy is extremely deep and has already appeared evident in some past television experiences of the gieffina. No wonder, therefore, if the woman wanted to have her say on the path that Sorge is facing at GF Vip, made up of fun, but also of numerous attacks.

Since her entrance, in fact, Sorge has clashed with Gianmaria Antinolfi, her ex-boyfriend whom she accuses of being too pressing. Wendy, interviewed by the weekly Chi, wanted to firmly reiterate her daughter’s words and raise any doubts about what happened.

My daughter – he said – was afraid of finding him everywhere. If a girl says ‘enough’ the boy has to accept it. He was obsessed with her, and when love becomes an obsession, you no longer see who you are in front of. Now he’s gone from Soleil to Greta.

But it was not only the relationship with Gianmaria that held the ground in recent weeks, but also a very heavy accusation arrived from the other roommates in Soleil: that of racism. Wendy, who knows her daughter well, says she is more than sure that she has never had any discriminatory intent, either inside the House or in real life. According to her parry, one of her mistakes would have been exploited, in particular by Ainett Stephens, to attack her. And, this climate is not at all helping the influencer to give the best of himself:

She was crucified like no other. It hurts my heart to see that he has to defend himself and I notice some prejudices against him. She’s upset, it’s not nice to be attacked.

Soleil, what’s happening in the house

In the meantime, however, the climate in the most spied-on house in Italy is becoming increasingly tense and eyes, once again, are all on Soleil. The influencer, after having expressed harsh judgments on Aldo Montano’s behavior, in fact clashed with Raffaella Fico. To trigger yet another quarrel, a glass abruptly placed on a table during a game.

In short, at the moment it seems impossible for Soleil to find a meeting point with his other roommates. Will he be able to clarify during the next week or, with his direct and blunt character, will he give life to new clashes?

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