GF Vip, the emotional collapse of the Ruta after the quarrel with Cecilia

GF Vip, the emotional collapse of the Ruta after the quarrel with Cecilia

After the quarrel with Cecilia Capriotti, Maria Teresa Ruta had an emotional breakdown in the House of the "GF Vip"

Difficult moments for Maria Teresa Ruta in the Casa del GF Vip. The presenter, after the quarrel with Cecilia Capriotti, had an emotional breakdown. It all stems from the nominations made during the last live broadcast of Big Brother Vip. The showgirl did not take Ruta's choice to name her well and accused her of snoring during the night during a dinner.

Maria Teresa, already tried, then lost her temper and in the garden she started screaming and crying, so much so that the other competitors had to intervene to try to calm her down. A difficult situation for the presenter who in recent weeks has had to face many difficulties, clashing with Filippo Nardi, who was then eliminated due to vulgar phrases against him, and discovering live the death of her friend Paolo Rossi. "In my opinion it has run out of some stuff – commented Tommaso Zorzi, worried about the Ruta -. Cecilia can I say? Your reaction these days is also exaggerated. You have a little exaggerated. Don't talk to her, you answered her wrong this morning. She was everyone's pungiball ”.

Cecilia, however, defended herself. “Now it's even my fault – he replied -. No, no Tommaso doesn't fall for it, change the subject. From being offended to me, now she is offended. Tommaso I don't want to hear from you. I don't fall for it. It's the games you play, I'm sorry. It is I who am offended with her, I have been sick all day, but how dare you judge my reaction. I have the reactions I want. I do not care. I've been sick since yesterday ”. Capriotti then reiterated the reasons for her hatred towards Maria Teresa Ruta who would have named her without a real reason. "He made me confide some absurd things and then said: 'I'm appointing you because we don't talk to each other' – he said -. Please. I have nothing in this discussion, do not put me in the middle. Don't tell me I've had an overreaction. I have the reactions I want. I did not do anything". Certainly, after months of isolation, fatigue begins to be felt among the competitors of the GF Vip. Meanwhile, the end of the reality show, scheduled for the beginning of February, could slip again.

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