GF Vip, the report cards of the episode of February 26, 2021

Dayane Mello

New twists and turns in the episode of the "GF Vip" on February 26, 2021: Andrea challenges Tommaso and Rosalinda leaves the House

GF Vip 5, the official cast chosen by Alfonso Signorini

There is now very little to go to the final of the GF Vip and the semifinal was full of twists. In the episode of February 26, 2021, there was no lack of emotions, with two important eliminations – that of Samantha De Grenet and Rosalinda Cannavò – and the choice of the finalists.

Let's discover the cult moments and the protagonists of the episode of GF Vip on February 26th.

ROSALINDA CANNAVÒ – As expected, Rosalinda lost on televoting to Stefania Orlando. His exit from the House of GF Vip was marked by the controversy with Dayane Mello. In the studio, the actress appeared much changed from the beginning of the reality show, stronger and ready to respond to attacks. The first came from former set mate Massimiliano Morra, to whom he reserved a surprise hit. "I did not lie, it was you who told me that you are gay," said the actress, confirming the statements made months ago and then denied because of the fuss they had raised. If in the past she would have dissolved in tears, this time Rosalinda appeared firm and decisive, demonstrating how much the GF Vip was for her a path of rebirth and growth. VOTE: 8.

DAYANE MELLO – It is difficult to understand if his is just strategy or if there is something else behind it. Certainly the choice to reveal the feelings for Rosalinda, only to send her in the nomination, was not liked. To accuse her Tommaso Zorzi who returned to talk about the quarrel a few days ago. “You have also always accused me for the story with Francesco – he said -, perhaps I was more cutting edge. I don't believe in this falling in love and I think she confessed how much she was cornered after weeks of attitudes that were actually strange towards Rosalinda ". Dayane tried to justify herself, stating that she hadn't said anything to protect her daughter Sofia and that she had felt feelings for her friend months ago. A theory that Zorzi did not believe in and a possible misstep that, according to many, will exclude the model from victory. Certainly Mello remains an enigma in many respects. VOTE: 6.

ANDREA ZELLETTA – Among the surprises of the GF Vip there is the former tronista of Men and Women and boyfriend of Natalia Paragoni. Entered on tiptoe, he conquered the roommates and the public with simplicity and education. He probably won't win the reality show, certainly Andrea has proven to be a great player as well as an honest person. As he promised months ago, the model chose to go to the last televoting with Tommaso Zorzi. “I don't want to challenge Pierpaolo, because he has already beaten me – he explained to Alfonso Signorini -, and I don't want to challenge Stefania. I've always said that if I have to go out, I want to go out with the strongest, so I'll go to televoting with Tommaso ”. We like Zelletta more and more. VOTE: 8.

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