Ghali against Tale and Which Show: the outburst on Instagram and the criticism of Loretta Goggi

Carlo Conti

Ghali did not appreciate his imitation to "Tale and Which Show": the words of the rapper and the criticism of Loretta Goggi

The last episode of Tale and Which Show was marked not only by the return of Carlo Conti, but also by the criticisms of Ghali. The rapper did not appreciate a comment from Loretta Goggi and Sergio Muniz's imitation. The artist followed the program from home and did not appreciate the choice to paint the model's skin in a dark color to create the performance.

"You don't need to do blackface to imitate me or other artists – he commented on Instagram -. You can say that I exaggerate, that I have to laugh or that you don't want to offend anyone, I understand. But to offend someone you just need to be ignorant, you don't have to be bad or driven by hatred. You can also be nice and good people and not know that the history of blackface goes beyond a simple make-up, make-up or disguise ”.

"We do not make a good impression on those who are less superficial in this country and not even with those who look at us from the outside – said Ghali, speaking of Tale and Which Show -. There are so many characteristics that can be reproduced and imitated in a character. It's the second time you've emulated me this way, painting my face as well as making comments using clichés and comparisons about physical appearance and beauty. I was not offended, really. But I didn't even laugh. Autotune and a nice look were enough. Because blackface is condemned everywhere, especially in a year like this, in which the events and protests were within everyone's reach ”.

Ghali did not appreciate even a joke from Loretta Goggi, member of the jury of Tale and Which Show, who complimented Muniz saying he was almost cuter than the rapper. “But listen to this!” Ghali exclaimed, framing the television. It is not the first time that the choice to use a more or less marked makeup to imitate black artists creates a controversy on social media. Some time ago Carlo Conti himself intervened on the story and explained: “I want to emphasize that here at Tale and Which we do all the great artists. We don't care about skin color or their religion. For me we are celebrations of great artists ".

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