Gianni Morandi, how are you? Burns on 15% of the body: "Celery to medicate me"

Gianni Morandi, how are you? Burns on 15% of the body: "Celery to medicate me"

Gianni Morandi is still in hospital: he reported burns on 15% of his body and celery during the medications. Despite the difficulties, he has not lost his smile.

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How is Gianni Morandi? The singer has now been at the Bufalini Hospital in Cesena for more than three weeks. These are very difficult days for him, which follow one another between medications and thoughts: "I think there is someone who has looked at me from heaven, I am convinced." He does not let go or give in: he continues to show himself with a smile.

A brave man, who does not let himself be overcome by negativity or events, but who reacts with his usual spirit, with the sagacity that made him memorable and loved by fans. Gianni reported burns on 15% of his body and, during the medications, the doctors gave him celery. The burns mainly affect the area of ​​the hands, as well as the legs and one ear.

"When the doctors change my bandages, they celery me." The accident took place in his backyard, while Morandi was intent on burning the undergrowth. “I have had severe burns, my left hand moves quite well, I would say I can recover it. It will take time for the weaker right hand, I will have to do physiotherapy. "

Behind the smiles and determination shown on social media, there is a man who knows he risked his life and who thanks for "getting away with it anyway". It is not yet known when Morandi will leave the hospital, it will probably take some time before he can go home. "Without the help of drugs, you can't resist", he admits, underlining the extent of the pain.

The artist has always been very active on Social Networks and continued to make his closeness felt even after the accident, where he recounted his experience. “As the days go by, I get scared more and more, because I realize the risk I took and how lucky I was. First of all, I saved my life, ”he said excitedly. “I clung to a burning branch with my hands, just to jump out. I saved face, that's the most important thing. "

Gianni, however, does not want to let himself go, because, in the course of his existence, he was able to face storms and bad weather, coming out victorious. For Easter, she also shared a photo on her official Instagram profile: on the bed, with a chocolate egg, and the inevitable smile on her lips. Naturally, he thanked the followers for their affection and support, as well as his wife Anna, who has been by his side for almost 27 years of love.

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