Gianni Morandi, love for Laura Efrikian, rebirth with Anna Dan and her children

Gianni Morandi, love for Laura Efrikian, rebirth with Anna Dan and her children

The wedding with Laura Efrikian, the pain for her daughter and the rebirth with Anna Dan: the loves Gianni Morandi, who has always followed her heart

A life marked by music, but above all by love: it is that of Gianni Morandi who lived a romantic tale with Laura Efrikian, his first wife, and who, after a few dramas, found a smile again next to Anna Dan, the woman of his life. He was very young and at the peak of success when he met the actress with whom, even today, relations are excellent, then the death of his first daughter, who died a few hours after being born, the pain and finally the rebirth, many years later , with an encounter that changed everything and which, even today, the artist considers a lucky twist of fate.

Gianni Morandi and Laura Efrikian, marriage and fairytale

It was 1964 when Laura and Gianni met for the first time on the set of In knee from you. At the time he was experiencing a golden period of his career, while she – sweet eyes and blond hair – was the "girl next door". Between the two it was a "love at first sight with reserve", as Efrikian confessed some time ago who, when she met Morandi, was immediately enraptured by his energy. "The allusion concerns the very first contact with Gianni, when he broke into my house and I saw him up close for the first time – she told Corriere della Sera -. It was 1964, and soon we would be shooting the film together. In short, the boy who appears in front of me exudes absolute vitality. It hits me, it involves me. I immediately think: what do I have to do with him? ". In 1966 the love story was crowned by the wedding, making the story that made the fans sigh and dream even more romantic.

The death of the first daughter: the pain of Gianni Morandi and Laura Efrikian

A year after the wedding, the couple faced the toughest test. Laura gave birth to her first daughter, Serena, but the little girl died a few hours after her birth. In those hours Gianni Morandi was in Sanremo and faced that drama with great strength. “It wasn't a beautiful moment – he recalled years later in Verissimo's studio -. A baby girl was born, my first daughter, who then died soon after birth. They sent the naja back to me because the baby was just born. Then, when he died, the postcard arrived immediately again and at that point I had to leave. 'Since you are no longer a father, you have to come and join the military'. It was the rule. That evening there was not a beautiful evening, but that period has also passed ”.

Gianni Morandi and Laura Efrikian, their (beloved) children and divorce

Two years after that terrible mourning, the life of Gianni Morandi and Laura Efrikian would have been enriched by the arrival of Marianna, their second child and in 1974 by the birth of Marco. In 1979, however, thanks to the singer's professional crisis, the couple announced their divorce. “We separated with Laura in 1976, 1977 – Gianni explained some time later to Vanity Fair -. My wife left home, she decided it was better this way, that my children stay where they grew up. The separation was not so violent, but perhaps it influenced, for example, the fact of no longer having a common education on the part of both parents ". No hatred, no legal battle, over the years, with firmness and intelligence, the two exes have managed to build an excellent relationship, united by love for their children and their numerous grandchildren. “The bond continues through Marianna and Marco, our extraordinary children; with Gianni, albeit at a distance, relations remained good – the actress confessed to Corriere della Sera -. And the thread, then, unites us to the five grandchildren. Marco, the father of three kids, lives next to my house in the middle of the green. I like to be a grandmother and I don't feel nostalgia for Rome, left to settle in Fonte Nuova, in the countryside. Also, I write, I paint. I take care of the environment that surrounds me with love. From the furniture I decorate to the flowers in my garden ".

The rebirth of Gianni Morandi (thanks to Anna Dan)

At the time of the divorce, Gianni Morandi was 32 years old and had a whole life to rebuild. To give him the smile again was Anna Dan, the great love of his life. The meeting happened by chance in 1994 at a football match. “I had been separated for eighteen years and had had some history, but obviously not the right one. That meeting was fatal, "he recalled on Instagram, a social network where he is very active. In those years, the artist did not think at all of falling in love again, but he was immediately struck by that woman. "I had organized a football match in my country and she came from Bologna with some mutual friends – he confessed -. I was struck by his eyes and his personality. She had a camera around her neck and a floral skirt. It was truly splendid! ”.

Gianni Morandi's wedding with Anna Dan and their son Pietro

In 1997 his son Pietro arrives and in 2004, several years after that romantic first meeting, Gianni Morandi swears eternal love to his Anna. The wedding proposal comes from the stage during a concert in Monghidoro. “Anna, this time I'm really marrying you!”, Shouts the singer who, a few days later, under a snowfall, swears eternal love to his partner. "Of course, as in all couples there are differences and different opinions that lead to moments of discussions and quarrels – confessed Morandi, speaking of his wife -, but without ever losing mutual respect and, in the end, always with the desire to do peace. I think ours is a very lucky meeting, I'm happy with her and I love her like the first day ". Today the couple is more united than ever and lives in San Lazzaro di Savena, in a villa surrounded by greenery, not far from Bologna, location of many of the singer's social shots. With them their son Pietro who, following in the footsteps of his famous father, became a singer, with the name of Tredici Pietro, trying his hand at different songs of the trap and rap genre.

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