Giorgia Palmas and Filippo Magnini, the first photo with their daughter Mia

Giorgia Palmas and Filippo Magnini, the first photo with their daughter Mia

A few days after the birth of little Mia, Giorgia Palmas and Filippo Magnini share a tender shot of their little daughter

Only a few days ago they became parents, and their happiness is irrepressible: Giorgia Palmas and Filippo Magnini immortalized some of their first moments together with their daughter Mia, then sharing some very tender photos on Instagram, to the delight of the many fans.

It seems yesterday that Giorgia Palmas, very excited, announced that she was pregnant. The former tissue, former mother of little Sofia, had then spoken on several occasions about her pregnancy, revealing all her enthusiasm for the new life she was carrying in her womb. Until, last September 25th, the news that everyone was waiting for arrived: the little daughter Mia has finally come to light. To announce the happy event were the new parents, who published a beautiful photo where you can see the little hand of their baby.

Now, after the first excited moments from birth, Giorgia Palmas has decided to share with the fans another sweet shot of her little family. "The meaning of life. Our dream come true: Mia. (And when we get home with Sofia, everything will be perfect) – he wrote on his Instagram profile, captioning a photo that still shows her in her hospital bed while Filippo gives her a tender kiss, holding the baby girl in his arms. Magnini himself commented on the post with words that suggest all his emotion: "And I cry" – he revealed.

Shortly after, the former swimmer shared in turn a second photo of little Mia: we can see him holding the little girl in his arms, looking at her with dreamy eyes. For him she is the first daughter, and the emotion is evident, even from the tender message she published: "And I look at you for hours and hours. Then you open your eyes, you stare at me and I am moved and cry; then you change expression, smile, make your tongue and I immediately laugh and then cry. My Little One, you are a wonderful world to be discovered ".

There are many fans who have commented with joy on these splendid testimonies of the new life of Filippo and Giorgia. This 2020 has brought great happiness to their family. The couple had decided to get married in recent months, but the health emergency that hit our country upset their plans. However, the stork's arrival made their hearts happy, and seeing them smile with emotion at little Mia is truly incredible.

filippo magnini and giorgia palmas

Giorgia Palmas' post – Photo: Instagram

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