Giorgia's battle against cancer: "It took everything, but I will win"

Giorgia Libero touched the web by telling her battle against cancer at the age of 23 on social media

Giorgia Libero is 23 years old, with a great desire to live, but above all with cancer that gives her no respite. For some time now, the young woman has been sharing her battle against cancer on social networks, which unfortunately is devouring her between photos and videos from the Hematology and Clinical Immunology Department of the Padua Hospital where she is hospitalized.

On Facebook almost 5 thousand friends follow her updates daily, while on Instagram she has 28,700 followers to whom she tells her struggle, between ups and downs, fears and anger for that evil that does not want to let her go. "Fuck cancer" writes the 23 year old and "I want to live" by moving all her followers. A few days ago the young woman announced that her boyfriend Federico asked her to marry her, sharing the video of the marriage proposal on social networks.

Shortly after, however, the cold shower: Giorgia announced that the last CT scan was not positive at all and that the cancer is progressing affecting several internal organs. Faced with this sad news, the young woman has decided to bring out all her anger with a post that is already viral.

Marked progression of the well-known pathological picture … significant increase … appearance of numerous … "But what do you want from me ?! Thing? Did you do it? You managed to knock me out, are you happy now? You took everything one step at a time. The forces, the breath, the back, the legs and now all my vital organs. I wasn't born because you took me away at the age of 23. There is the world out there, a life waiting for me, many people who love me. I'm exhausted, you destroyed me, but I don't want to give up. I do not want to. I am fully aware of everything – he continues -, I don't want to go for the hero or worse the naive on duty. Now I understand very well that I am very, very close … and I am very, very afraid. I live with the support and love of those around me and as long as someone up there will give me the strength, every breath of mine will fight to defeat you and to take back everything that belongs to me and that you have taken away from me. I hate you with all my heart.

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