Giulia De Lellis imitates Belen Rodriguez on Tik Tok and rekindles the feud

Giulia De Lellis, confession on betrayal and love for Andrea Iannone

De Lellis lands on Tik Tok and imitates Belen Rodriguez, rekindling the feud

Giulia De Lellis rekindles the feud with Belen Rodriguez, imitating her in one of her videos on Tik Tok. The influencer, who recently returned with former Andrea Damante, has landed on the application of the moment and is already making headlines. The reason? A video in which it seems to imitate the Argentine showgirl, who recently became the queen of tutorials on Instagram.

But let's go in order. It all started a few months ago when Rodriguez started posting beauty tips in the Stories, showing the products she uses to look her best. Belen's beauty routine immediately conquered the followers and from that moment Stefano De Martino's wife started posting numerous video tutorials.

A field in which she had never ventured and which belongs to the queen of influencers: Giulia De Lellis. Shortly thereafter the former suitor of Men and Women posted a video in the Stories that seemed to be aimed at Belen, accusing someone of copying her. Rodriguez's reply was not long in coming, in the form of an arrow.

At that point De Lellis was furious: "I have to keep quiet because if I speak then I ruin the families – he said -, I will continue to do my own thing and to think about my life you can continue to have peaceful dreams because I don't want to ruin anyone and to make controversy, I just want to be left alone! ".

But it did not end there, because according to some rumors, the dispute actually started for other reasons related to a work project. Belen and Giulia have never commented on the gossip about their feud, but it is certain that good blood does not flow between the two. This is demonstrated by the last video of Tik Tok in which De Lellis wears makeup, imitating the voice of Virginia Raffaele in Rodriguez version. In the clip, the influencer adjusts the make-up and seems to make fun of the rival's tutorials, between bronzes and pronounced cheekbones.

In the meantime, Andrea Damante has decided to come out. The deejay, who recently returned with Giulia, has released some statements on their relationship. "Everyone knows by now – he said -. I am with my girlfriend, his brother, his mother and a friend. I am lucky because I could not have done it for only 50 days. I am in beautiful company. "

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