Giulia De Lellis’ wet-look hair solves the summer for us: let’s copy them!

Capelli effetto bagnato

They can be considered the most comfortable hairstyle of the summer: it’s Giulia De Lellis’ wet-look hair! Here are all the techniques to recreate them!

Wet-look hair is very eighties and nineties, but they are back in fashion and Giulia De Lellis has also decided to adopt and reinterpret this style.

Wet look hair


It is an absolutely winning choice for manage long hair in summer and keep them well in order for many hours. The result is a ‘sculpted but extremely natural hairstyle, which loses nothing of its freshness and spontaneity even after many hours.

Among the undisputed advantages of this type of hairstyle is the fact that the hair does not curl due to the humidity, so it is really perfect for anyone with i wavy and fine hair, which therefore tend to swell quickly because they absorb a lot of moisture from the air.

Whether you choose this styling on a short or very short cut the result can be very masculine, but on medium or long hair it still ensures a very high degree of sensuality and femininity.

How to make wet-look hair: the best techniques and products

The wet look hair or wet hair look they are extremely simple and quick to style, as long as you know which techniques are best suited to obtain a specific result.

giulia de lellis hair


Giulia De Lellis, for example, has opted for a very natural and rather voluminous look. This means that the hair was worked mainly near the roots to make sure they kept a rather controlled volume.

The hair lengths have been slightly dried, so that they remained more fluffy and discreetly wavy.

To achieve this effect it will be necessary work initially on wet but not dripping hair. The ideal will be to start styling them after having dabbed them very well with a towel.

After you have removed most of the water from your hair you will have to apply a small amount of wet look gel on the roots. At this point you will have to comb them carefully so that they take the desired shape.

To do this, you can use:

  • a wide-toothed comb to create pretty soft waves
  • a fine-toothed comb to create a much more composed and structured look
  • fingers for a more natural effect.

At this point the hair must be dried with a hairdryer, because we must absolutely remember that it is only a wet “effect”, not to wear wet hair for the whole evening risking a disease!

For avoid puckering your hair two techniques can be adopted: the first, simpler, is that of use a diffuser by setting the hair dryer to moderate power; there second is that of use a hair net in order to completely prevent the hair from swelling.

Once the drying is finished you will have to spray a gloss hairspray over the entire length of the hair, taking particular care not to spray the product too close to the head to prevent residues from forming on the hair.

If, on the other hand, the goal is to create a sculpted and super flat effect the ideal product is the mousse, to be applied over the entire length of the hair and dry with the diffuser. To keep the roots as flat and structured as possible, the advice is to apply a small amount of gel on top of the mousse, comb and dry lightly with a blow of a hairdryer.

Also in the case of mousse, especially on the lengths, the use of one lacquer with a shine finish is essential to keep the hairstyle in perfect style for many hours.

The Council of Chedonna |  Glossy finish lacquer

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The Council of TipsForWomens | Glossy finish lacquer


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