Goodbye tired look, with eye contour masks (better if you do it yourself)

Goodbye tired look, with eye contour masks (better if you do it yourself)

Are you looking for a few moments of relaxation all to yourself? Try the DIY eye contour masks we have selected for you

Eye contour masks are a real beauty ally for the most tired, weary eyes that show the first signs of the passage of time. In addition to the commercial ones, it is possible to follow DIY recipes, quick and easy to make, to create a mask dedicated to the area around the eyes.

Perfect for beginners, but also for those who are a real skincare guru: the perfect beauty masks to reduce dark circles and bags must absolutely be added to your weekly beauty routine.

Aloe vera, coffee, honey, baking soda: finding the perfect ingredient for you and the result you are looking for is not that difficult, just know what your needs are and try the recipes we have selected below.


  • Coffee mask
  • Bicarbonate mask
  • Aloe vera mask
  • Honey mask
  • Coconut butter mask

Coffee mask

Coffee grounds eye contour mask

DIY recipe coffee grounds eye mask

We know that coffee is a real energy boost for our bodies, but do you know that you can make a caffeine-based eye mask by recycling coffee grounds? In addition to being an excellent ingredient for do-it-yourself and anti-cellulite body scrubs, reusing the funds allows you to improve dark circles in a natural way, especially when combined with lemon and yogurt.

Do this: take the coffee grounds and mix with a spoonful of plain yogurt, mix until you get a rather thick cream. Add just a few drops of lemon, with a lightening effect, and apply to the eye contour with a gentle massage and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Remove with warm water and cotton or, even better, bamboo and reusable pads.

Avoid storing this mask in the refrigerator and instead opt for an on-the-spot preparation twice a week.

Bicarbonate mask

Baking soda eye mask recipe

Do-it-yourself recipe baking soda eye contour mask

There are so many DIY recipes with baking soda, but in addition to being a valid purifier for the face, this salt can help decongest and cool down the area around the eyes.

Do this: mix 3 tablespoons of hot chamomile, but not too much, with 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Soak some cotton pads with this solution and place them on your eyes (closed) for 15/20 minutes.

Keep the mixture for two / three days in the refrigerator and, if necessary, you can already soak the wads that you will then leave in the fridge in order to have your beauty patches ready when needed.

Aloe vera mask

Aloe vera eye contour mask

DIY recipe aloe vera eye contour mask

The properties of aloe vera are really many and, among the most famous, there is certainly the soothing one. It will have happened to you, at least once, to use a gel coming from this little succulent plant to soothe sunburn and relieve the discomfort caused by sunburn. You must know, however, that aloe is ideal for combating bags under the eyes by improving microcirculation and deflating the area under the eye area.

Do this: buy a small aloe plant, extract the pulp from a leaf and pass it to the mixer. Heat it slightly and put some chamomile flowers to infuse for a few hours. Then go on to make the real mask by soaking cotton pads and leaving them to act for 15/20 minutes. After the time has elapsed, do a light massage with tapping on the bags with your ring finger, so as not to apply too much pressure. Rinse with warm water and apply your usual eye contour.

Storage: leave it for a maximum of two days in a closed container (such as a jar) and in the refrigerator to increase its decongestant power.

Honey mask

Honey eye contour mask

Honey eye mask recipe, do it yourself

If too many concoctions are not for you, this honey mask for the eye contour will amaze you both for its effectiveness and for the ease of making. Ideal for those looking for a hydration boost for the skin in an area that is often forgotten and is the first to be affected.

Do this: in a bowl mix 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 of sweet almond oil. With a little patience, cream the whole thing in order to soften the honey and make it easily applicable to the eye area. Leave to act for about 10/15 minutes and, after rinsing with plenty of warm water, apply a cream dedicated to the eye contour.

Coconut butter mask

Coconut Butter Eye Mask Recipe

DIY recipe coconut butter eye mask

There are those who call them crow's feet who simply wrinkle the horn of the eyes. Whatever the correct wording is, it must be said that adding a DIY eye mask can be a good solution to combat wrinkles. In this case, a must is the mix of coconut oil, aloe vera and grapefruit oil: a real anti-wrinkle bomb.

Do this: in a bowl pour 4 tablespoons of aloe vera gel, 2 teaspoons of coconut butter and 3 drops of grapefruit essential oil. Mix and leave in the freezer for 40 minutes, then apply with a synthetic fiber foundation brush and leave on for about 25 minutes. Massage calmly to allow the product to go deep and, finally, rinse with cold water. A few applications will suffice and the eyes will immediately be fuller and more vigorous.

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