Goodbye too dark eye makeup: put the influencer secret into practice

Trucco occhi troppo scuro

Wearing too dark eye makeup is one of the deadly sins of spring: here’s how to always get a bright and clean shade.

The gradient eye makeup, ie the cut crease, half cut crease or smokey eyes are one of the absolute must-haves of eye make-up in recent years. These are versatile eye tricks that they look good on women of all ages and that easily adapt to any occasion.

Too dark eye makeup


This type of make up is based on the execution of a perfect shade between a light color and a dark color, sometimes with the use of a “middle” color that acts as a transition.

Often in winter we don’t pay much attention to how much the dark eyeshadow “invades” the mobile eyelid. The reason is that in winter, darker and more dramatic eye makeup is perfectly in line with the season.

The problem obviously arises with the summer, starting from spring. The typical make-up of spring provides light and natural colors, a perfect complexion but above all one open, light and clean look.

This means that the must for spring is a shaded but mostly clear eye make-up, that gives light to the look making the eyes appear fresher and younger.

How is it done without the danger of darkening the mobile eyelid too much?

The secret of the professionals to prevent the shade from becoming too dark

Instinctively, when we need to create a color gradient, we start with the lighter one and then apply the darker color. Does this strategy work? Not always.

cut crease clear


This method of application in fact tends to darken the eyelid a lot because, unless we are true professionals, the dark color will tend to prevail over the light one.

Conversely, if we choose to reverse the process, the result will be exactly what we want.

Here’s how, in detail, to avoid creating a too dark gradient look.

  • Primer: the primer is essential in summer because it allows the pigment powders to adhere perfectly to the skin making the makeup more lasting. It is a step essential if you have mature skin, because only with a good one eye makeup base you will be able to minimize fine lines.
  • Base eyeshadow: this eyeshadow must be of a very light color and will be used to give a coherent look to the whole make-up.
  • Soft pencil: with a soft pencil of the suitable color you will have to darken the lash line, the crease of the eyelid and the outer corner of the eye. At this point all that remains is to blend with a special brush. The best choice is to apply the pencil only along the outer half of the lash line, that is, from the outer corner to the middle of the eye.
  • Dark eyeshadow: after having applied the pencil you can proceed to the application of the dark powder eyeshadow taking care of blend with horizontal movements in the right direction. Only in this way will we be sure to get one absolutely perfect shade.
  • Light satin eyeshadow: at this point you will have to apply light eyeshadow, preferably satin without using the brush. The ideal product to make this step is very clear, very bright but free of large glitter. On the contrary, a good product will have to be very fine-grained and with very fine reflective particles. It will go picked up with the fingertip and pressed on the inner and central part of the eyelid. You will have to blend very little and make sure that the brightness is clearly evident.

By applying the products and colors in this way you will be absolutely sure of illuminate the gaze And perfectly adjust the hue of make up.

For a truly elegant result, the advice is opt for a dark matte color, which therefore makes the maximum possible contrast with the luminous and reflective product used for the central eyelid.

Finally, for this type of make up it is absolutely not recommended eyeliner, even though we love it. The intense and defined black of the classic eyeliner weighs down and darkens the make-up making the look less lively.

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