Grain diet, lose weight and burn fat

Macrobiotic diet: reduce cholesterol and lose weight

A cereal-based diet can bring many benefits to the body including losing weight: here's how

How to cook rice: 5 different cooking methods

Purifying and with many vitamins and mineral salts: cereals are considered products that form the basis of the Mediterranean diet.

The particularly sunny and warm summer days certainly do not favor the appetite, not to mention that keeping the needle of the scale as low as possible is one of the priorities.

Preferred are fresh and refreshing foods with a very low caloric intake: the goal? Don't gain weight, maybe lose it! A very valid alternative in all seasons can be the diet of cereals, able to bring many benefits to our body.

Cereals, especially wholegrain ones, are also rich in fiber: this is why they give a sense of satiety (the annoying sense of "hunger" from which one is sometimes harassed is avoided), but they also contribute to a lowering of fat levels in it circulates in the blood and prevents it from being absorbed into the intestine, favoring its elimination.

Among the whole grains easily available in supermarkets there are: farro and kamut (rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates), barley and corn (they contain little fat, but many mineral salts), oats (high in fiber), millet (when consumed, it provides excellent mineral salts for the health of hair and skin), but also soy and buckwheat.

The cereal diet is not only healthy and balanced, but contributes to the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, performing a deflating and antioxidant function. Thanks to their "neutral" flavor, cereals can be easily combined with other foods with a more decisive taste and with various seasonings. But be careful not to overdo the quantities, to avoid the opposite effect, as they are caloric.

Cereals have the advantage of satiating and providing the right nutrients to stay in force until the next meal. How can we prepare excellent cereal meals? The ideal would be to combine proteins with cereals: here are some ideas.

For lunch: a brown rice salad with a 100 g mozzarella and some fruit. Alternatively, you can consider a quinoa salad or a spelled salad to add 2 hard-boiled eggs or a can of tuna. Serve with fruit after a meal.

For dinner: a piece of salmon or a fish fillet or 50 g of bresaola to combine with a plate of oats or, alternatively, 70 g of rice craker or 70 g of rice cakes.

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