Green cosmetics: 6 eco-friendly or eco-friendly makeup brands not to be missed

Green cosmetics: 6 eco-friendly or eco-friendly makeup brands not to be missed

More and more often we hear about ecobio cosmetics or with natural ingredients: together we discover 6 brands that have embraced this philosophy!

By now makeup and cosmetics in general always bring many more people closer, seeking quality and product safety. And there is also an increasing awareness of the ingredients used, which are respectful not of the skin, but also of the environment.

More and more people are therefore approaching the world of natural and eco-friendly, searching for formulations made with natural raw materials that are free of substances that are harmful to the environment. The cosmetic brands seem to have grasped this need of the makeup addicted seeking more and more natural ingredients to be included in their cosmetics but not only, creating entire lines with formulations whose INCI (ie the list of ingredients) is largely natural, leaving to a minimum synthetic substances. Then there are those totally natural brands, which seek to combine the performance of a product with chemical ingredients and natural substances, seeking the right compromise between formulation and yield.

Let's discover together 6 environmentally conscious brands and lines that have nothing to envy to cosmetics with totally chemical formulations!

Neve Cosmetics and the evolution of mineral makeup

Neve Cosmetics is one of the veteran brands in Italy for truly natural cosmetics. Famous for its mineral foundations, today it offers many product references for every taste: creamy and stick foundations, mascara, pressed eye shadows, brushes, gloss lipsticks and many others.

The most recent are the Dessert à Lèvres, or rather the NewDElicious collection, six new shades of lipsticks dedicated to lovers of natural and nude tones, which recall the tones of cocoa, with an intoxicating scent of vanilla. Other flagships of the brand are eye shadows and pigments, easy to blend and match, but also the beloved Pastel, in particular those lips, pencils suitable to outline the contours of the mouth but also perfect as a lipstick. A treat to try? The Ballerina pastel lips or the brand new Immortal!

Pupa and its Green line, Natural Side

There are a whole series of brands that are not born as Green but that have decided to approach this world to meet the demands and needs of consumers. This is the case of Pupa and its Natural Side line, which winks at ingredients of natural origin. In fact, all formulations contain natural ingredients from 86% up to 100% and the packs have a reduced environmental impact.

Powder, concealer, primer, foundation, BB Cream and earth tanned the products offered so far, all without parabens, silicones, petrolatum, synthetic dyes, perfume, PEG and chemical filters. No doubt a good start for a brand that, despite the success of classic products, still chooses to approach the green theme.

Purobio Cosmetics, the brand that you would never call ecobio

One of their claims is "We want to cancel the differences between the performance of synthetic make-up and organic make-up" and they succeed, really great. In fact, Purobio Cosmetics is a highly performing eco-brand that often has nothing to envy to synthetic perfumery products, keeping attractive packaging, seasonal collections and a price affordable for everyone.

A really wide selection of eye shadows, the brand new Double Dream newly launched mascara, liquid lipsticks, powders, earths, illuminants, eyeliner and, above all, foundations that have the effect of chemical products, without giving up the natural formulation. Purobio Cosmetics proposes full coverage fluid foundation, BB cream also with excellent coverage and the most recent Sublime Drop Foundation, with a yield on the skin really to compete with synthetic products. Because it is perhaps the most difficult cosmetic to create in a natural formula, it is often too fat and separates from the facial base, while the Purobio remains extremely natural on the skin.

Kiko Cosmetics and the Green Me line, to respect the environment

And when a giant, now international, chooses to create a more responsible line towards the environment and with a greater concentration of natural ingredients, it means that consumer habits are really changing. Kiko also created the Green Me line, characterized by natural formulas up to 99% … a beautiful goal for a brand that is not born green but chooses to create a truly complete line of eco-friendly products.

BB Cream, Blush, Bronzer, lipsticks, eyebrow pencils, eye shadow palettes, illuminants, eye pencils, pencils, mascara and even skincare products and accessories, to create a perfect makeup that winks at the environment.

Mulac Cosmetics, the professional brand that winks at eco-friendly

Mulac Cosmetics is the brand founded by LaCindina, influencer and successful YouTuber that has created its cosmetic line created to bring together the high quality of natural raw materials with formulations with high performance. It is a line dedicated to makeup lovers but also to professionals and there are many makeup artists who insert it in their kits.

It is not a totally natural brand, but almost all formulations are vegan and most of the products have a percentage of natural ingredients that exceeds 90%, such as the Slay The Game foundation and 100% natural wafers, or Trinity face cream, with 94% natural ingredients or the hair line, with 10 natural oils and no silicones.

Onirica Cosmetics, the brand cal concept all in one

A niche brand but to keep an eye on is without a doubt Onirica Cosmetics, which is making headway on social media thanks to the Beauty Community of micro influencers who have had the opportunity to test their products, really innovative. In fact, the formulations are totally natural, with recyclable packs, because once the product is finished, it is sufficient to replace the pod maintaining the initial pack.

But what really amazes is the concept behind this brand: to create transversal and versatile makeup, which can have multiple uses, therefore also ideal for travelers and to minimize waste. The formulations are in cream, contained in pods to be inserted in a cardboard pack. Multi-purpose creams to use on eyes, lips, cheeks, to create eyeliner and also excellent as eyeshadow bases … who knows what this brand will reserve for the future? We look forward to finding out!

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