Hair, how to protect the color in summer

from Beatrice Serra

In the summer, the hair routine is anything but taken for granted. Yes, we are free from blow dryers, brushes and styled hair but that little big worry that any color, in a flash, loses its beauty remains. Just when the hair trends of summer 2022 speak of full, enveloping and warm colors.

This is the season of brunette, a deep brown sometimes close to chocolate, other times to almond or chestnut. On the blondes, on the other hand, the “strawberry” shines, a golden with copper shades, and the luminous Sunshine Blonde, many light tones (platinum, wheat, Norwegian, etc.) mixed together. Meanwhile, Copper red and mahogany emerge more and more, together with strong black but in a glossed version. It is not among the avant-garde, but also the family of multi-faceted and reflective shades, which make a lot of holiday, has been updated.

From Beach Bronde, the golden brown, which is now made of balayage from the roots to the tips, but with larger locks than before, to the shatushes that have amber shades as a background, with a hint of red.

In short, let’s put it this way: fashion leads us towards increasingly natural shades, able to catch the light around. Except that in order to vibrate in their beauty they need maintenance. How to do it tells us the hair stylist Giuseppe D’Amato, owner of the shop “Belli Capelli” in Milan, on the thread of sustainable hairstyling: natural colors and use of recycled materials.

Giuseppe, summer is the enemy of color …

Pity though. Because right now women want to dare, to see themselves different. But here is that the strong exposure to the sun, the air conditioning, the saltiness, the chlorine, the salt, the wind attack the hair, and dehydrate it. And when the hair is dry, the artificial color becomes “ugly”. Especially the dark one that oxidizes more easily.

So, is hydration the key to an “indefinite” head, at least in terms of color?

Fundamental, I would say. It is necessary to act at least one month in advance of departure. I always say, it is better to be safe than sorry, so I propose to my clients to do those treatments that moisturize and strengthen the hair: lamination or reconstruction based on natural keratin or hyaluronic acid restructure them from the inside and make them less sensitive to the “fading” action of UVB rays. It applies to those who go to the beach, above all, but also for those who take different holidays or stay in the city.

In the daily routine, what do you recommend?

Don’t wash your hair every day, even if we go to the beach or the pool. The shampoo should be done every two days, perhaps alternating it with the dry one, or just rinse your head and put the conditioner. The detergent, then, must be chosen delicate and with natural surfactants (such as chinotto extract), not even too foamy. In the summer, then, more masks the more the hair will be “happy”, also and above all as a color. It is a restructuring and moisturizing cosmetic that penetrates deeply, better if you keep it on all day (or night for those who can sleep with damp hair).

Do you have to shield your hair in the pool or on the beach?

Of course, there are many products on sale (to always apply before going out) that protect from sun exposure without greasing: oils not oils or sprays with creamy or milky texture. I would avoid the ones that are too greasy: they are nutritious but attract a lot of sun, with the result that the hair becomes even more dry.

And for drying?

In the air, whenever we can. Otherwise with the hair dryer but at a low and lukewarm temperature, for slow drying. In any case, never forget to put a first thermal protector, especially if we also want to use the plate. The less the hair dries up, the longer the fullness and brilliance of the color lasts.

Speaking of nuances, which ones are the most resistant to change?

If certain precautions are used, there is no reason to give up your favorite color! The professional toners, among other things, save you from smudging between one color and another, just do them one day, maximum two before departure. Therefore, the blonde can remain blonde and solve the problem with a very light toner while a brunette can use one just lighter than its base, but with the addition of direct natural pigments (a teaspoon in the conditioner is enough). They work miracles, a lot of light in the hair, zero damage.

With sunscreen, it is the right lotion at the beach or in the pool for those with dyed, thin and dry hair: Sanotint non-oil oilwith millet extract, volumizes and prevents split ends (€ 13.50,

For the synergy of red algae and sodium gluconate, it prevents fading and perfects the color with each wash: Color Perfect Shampoo by Inebrya (€ 11.20,

Its secret is rice starch: it dry cleanses the scalp and therefore the color lasts longer. Inside Dry Shampoo by Davines (€ 25.50,

It is an all-round color-saving product: Evy UV / HeatHair Moussewith antioxidant vitamins B, E and C, it is good as a sunscreen, conditioner or heat protector before drying (€ 30,

After-sun conditioner can make a difference in preserving color – the more moisturizing, the better. How After-sun Conditioner by My Organicsfull of botanical extracts (€ 59,

The chestnut extract and the vegetable keratin of Intense mask SOS Chestnut by Biofficine Toscane they work to restructure the hair, and save the color (€ 8.20,

The sun is also felt in the city, with its changes in tone. Against these effects there is the Avon Hair Care Serumok before or after drying: it nourishes the hair without greasing it (€ 4.25

Cactus extract and light texture for spray milk Colorcare Suncare Leave-In Hydra Milk by Elgonrepairs the hair during sun exposure but is not seen (€ 17,