Hair: what new low poo products are and how to use them

Hair: what new low poo products are and how to use them

Eliminating sulphate-rich and overly aggressive products is the key to having healthier and brighter hair. The new "low-poo" trend lands in Italy, here's how to use them

The new trend to combat damaged hair comes from the world of celebrities: the low-poo. Stars of the caliber of Shailene Woodley and Amanda Seyfried have in fact said goodbye to the classic shampoos and have converted to using less aggressive products that make the hair healthier and brighter and that have yielded them the title of "beautiful hair", avoiding the podium the golden hair of Jennifer Aniston.

The validity of low-poo products derives from the innovative creamy texture that, much more like a balm than a classic shampoo, does not create foam and does not dry the hair but, on the contrary, nourishes it to the roots. The absence of sulphates allows the scalp not to be damaged and the hair broken, therefore these products are suitable for those suffering from irritation or have a very sensitive scalp, and for those suffering from dandruff problems both oily and dry, since regulate the production of sebum keeping the hair clean longer.

The packaging of these products, equipped with a pressure regulator, is really functional. Depending on the length of the hair, 10 to 15 sprays per wash are needed, which must be evenly distributed between the roots and ends. The voluminous consistency makes the application extremely simple, but after distributing the product, it is important to leave it in place for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly to remove any residue.

During this process it is essential to untangle the knots only with the fingers, avoiding using the comb. The low-poo products are still in their infancy, but even now they are available in different versions, in particular the one dedicated to colored and brittle hair or dry.

In addition to the right products, it is essential to complete the beauty routine of the hair with a gentle drying. For those with curly hair, plopping is recommended, while those who want to use the hair dryer must do so with particular care and without exaggerating with the temperature, which causes great stress to the hair.

For those with damaged hair, low-poo products can be a real revolution: you know, change always starts with hair.

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