"Harry would never have married Meghan Markle": Court background on Princess Anne

Meghan Markle spiata a tradimento. La Regina Elisabetta furiosa con Harry

It would have been the Queen's daughter to comment on Archie's skin, but it wasn't racism just a judgment of inadequacy by Meghan Markle

Heavy accusations against Meghan Markle by Lady Colin Campbel who did not mince words: "Meghan played the card of racism to be free to behave badly" and added to the dose: "Harry would never have married her".

The 71-year-old British socialite of Jamaican descent appeared on the show Good Friday, just hours after revealing the name of those in court allegedly asking questions about Archie's skin color. It would be Princess Anne, daughter of Queen Elizabeth.

Harry and Meghan in the famous interview with Oprah Winfrey had stated that there was concern at the Palace about what would be the color of their son's skin, but they had not wanted to reveal the name of who had raised this issue. Lady Campbel took care of it during the Today program, but to defend Princess Anna who, moreover, supported the Megxit as the only solution, turning the omelette against Meghan for another.

Anna, says the socialite, "was not alluding to the color of this child" but rather to the "unsuitable" character of Meghan. So, it wouldn't be racism but just the knowledge that Markle was unsuitable for the role of wife of a Prince like Harry. "What worried her was Meghan's inability, her determination not to respect cultural differences, as well as the institution she would belong to. And the consequences that this would have had on Harry's children ", reiterating that the Queen's daughter had immediately understood Meghan's intentions to always be the center of attention, to the point of being cheeky.

It would be Markle who insisted on the racial question to be free to behave as she saw fit. Campbel then insisted that Harry would never be able to marry her, because in her past there were too many shadows and her irritating personality. But what saved her and allowed her to get married with the Prince was her commitment to women, minorities and against gender and race discrimination driven by her dual Irish and African origins.

On the fact that Meghan was attacked by the press, Lady C is very clear: “She was attacked like any other public figure. Meghan has had an easy path, but she is a Queen of drama ”.

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