Have you put on foundation and it looks orange? This will never happen again!

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Have you just finished wearing your makeup and your foundation seems to have taken on an orange tint? Here’s how to fix the problem.

One of the most hateful mistakes of make up is when we find ourselves with an orange complexion in the face because of our foundation.

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This problem can occur for several reasons, but we’re here to give you the good news: it’s perfectly avoidable! How? Read on to find out.

Eliminate the orange foundation problem once and for all

According to experts, the foundation it often turns orange due to its oxidation. The latter is given byexposure of the product to air. As a result, the foundation darkens to an orange hue. This can happen as a result of applying to the face or while the formula is still inside the bottle.

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Makeup can appear orange even if you wear too dark foundation for your complexion or if you apply one with the wrong undertone. For most people it is better to opt for neutral shades, nothing too hot. If you’re not a makeup expert, it may seem easier said than done, so we suggest you always follow this rule: match your foundation to your skin tone and undertone. At this point, let’s find out together some advices to prevent your makeup from changing color.

Check oxidation to avoid the orange foundation effect

Obviously, it is difficult to correct orange makeup while on the go, so it is a good idea to check before applying if the foundation oxidizes. How to do? Just spread the foundation on your wrist or arm e wait a few hours to see if it changes color. If it starts to oxidize, it’s time to switch products.

Choose the right color

As mentioned above, one of the most important ways to avoid an orange complexion is to choose a foundation that fits your skin. Alone once the undertone has been determinedyou will be able to find the foundation shade that suits you best.

Apply foundation on skin free of excess oils

If the product appears orange, it may be due to the fact that you are dealing with oily skin. As you can imagine, with this type of skin, the foundation formula is canceled. It is therefore important to start your face makeup routine the right way. Start by gently blotting your skin with paper towels, then aapply a mattifying primer that keeps oils at bay.

Change the product according to the seasons

It is important to change your foundation according to the season. In the summer months we often spend a lot more time outdoors, which results in a tanned complexion. For this very reason, the same product may not be ideal for use in the winter months. We therefore recommend that you opt for the deepest colors in the warm monthswhile the lighter colors we use in winter, in summer they can be used as a highlighter for the cheekbones and in the area under the eyes.

Combine foundation and powder

The use of a fixing powder is another way to prevent orange makeup on the face. This product serves to keep the foundation in place and absorb excess oils. It can also help neutralize the foundation when it oxidizesto avoid the famous orange look.

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