Heather Parisi: her secret with her children to practice home schooling

Heather Parisi: her secret with her children to practice home schooling

The American showgirl dedicates a post on Instagram about home schooling and reveals the secrets for studying at home with her children

Heather Parisi published a long post on Instagram, accompanied by the photo of her twins, telling her experience of being a mother and teacher in this particular period of everyone's life.

The American showgirl, who has lived in Hong Kong for years with her husband Umberto Maria Anzolin and their children, is facing the health emergency like many others, with the difference that her children, Elizabeth and Dylan, have been studying at home with her for a long time .

A decision, that of practicing home schooling, which has always aroused a lot of curiosity and some criticism, as she herself explained on her Instagram profile:

By chance, what was previously a condition of few students has now become the condition of all students. In Hong Kong, schools have been closed since January 24th and I fear that the school year is now gone. In Italy and in many other countries the situation is almost the same. I believe that what is a necessity can become a wonderful opportunity for parents and children, to rediscover the pleasure of spending time together while working or studying from home.

Parisi, who has been teaching at home for a long time, has revealed some small secrets to make sure that the study takes place in a quiet and stress-free way, even if at the beginning it is certainly not easy:

When I started doing Homeschooling I was super meticulous and I asked my children a lot, in terms of attention and application. Too much! Then I realized that when you do school at home, everything is amplified and you cannot pretend to be in a classroom and, to tell the truth, there is really no need to do it.

The showgirl confessed to studying with her children in a soft way, first chatting in the morning about what is happening in the world, then in moments of pause, reading books or watching busy films, obviously linked to what they are learning, so to comment on them together:

I want to tell the mothers who are facing this new experience: teaching their children and studying together with them is a moment of fundamental growth for both children and adults. It comes out stronger and more aware of the strength of love that unites us!

Heather Parisi, among the many comments of approval of her followers, wanted to send a message to all parents: take advantage of this moment to create an even stronger and indissoluble bond with their children.

The children of Heather Parisi. Source: Instagram

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