Here are the most common names given to dogs and cats this year

Here are the most common names given to dogs and cats this year

Each year, a letter of reference is put forward to nominate dogs and cats. This year, the U was in the spotlight. So what names were given the most in 2023 to man’s best friends? Here is the detail.

Each year, a letter of the alphabet is highlighted to give a name to your pet. This year 2023, it was the U.

A ranking of the most given names

What were the names starting with this letter that were given the most by the French this year? Here is a ranking established by the site animals-relax, which collected data from Comparadise, an animal insurance comparator, between January 1 and August 8, 2023. There were in total more than 10,000 animals including the name was noted: 5,356 male dogs and cats and 5,025 females.

The name Ulysses at the top, for male animals

For male animals, it is the first name Ulysses, of Greek origins, which tops the ranking, followed by Uno and Usko. We can subsequently find names like Ulk, Urus, Ugo or another version of the name that comes first: Ulys.

Among females, the name Una was given the most

Among the females, it is the name Una which ranks on the first step of the podium, followed by Ulka then Uma. Quite short and phonetic names, so that the animals understand them quickly, to obey you more easily. Then come names like Umi, Utah or Uguette.

And if no name starting with U suits you, remember that this rule established by the French Canine Society only really applies to dogs registered in the French Book of Origins (LOF), to facilitate the identification of the age of ‘a dog from its name. No obligation to call your pet by the letter U this year, therefore.