High-waisted pants: the mistakes you don’t have to make when wearing them

The high-waisted trousers are the most loved by us fashion lovers, because they are comfortable, they make us feel at ease and in this moment of super trend. But sometimes wearing them gets complicated if we don’t know the right rules!

Whether they are jeans, cotton, plain or patterned, i pants are the most used item of clothing by us women. But are we really convinced that we know how to wear them in the right way? Because these style mistakes cannot be made in fashion! Let’s find out what they are!

High-waisted trousers

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A woman’s wardrobe is infinite. We have so many items of clothing that we struggle to wear them all in one season.

We have sweaters, shirts, tank tops, dresses, skirts, shorts and long pants. We might choose a different look every day, given the amount of clothes we own, but we often choose to wear that look that makes us feel at ease. And in this sense, the protagonist of the outfit is often high-waisted trousers.

Because? They are comfortable and trendy. We feel comfortable and beautiful. Despite this, falling into the style mistake can be very simple, especially if you don’t know the rules for wearing and choosing the best high-waisted trousers.

From today no fear, because we are about to know some very simple style rules useful when wearing high-waisted trousers!

How do you choose high-waisted trousers? And which one is more suitable for us?

For years they have been totally forgotten and replaced by low-rise ones, but high-waisted trousers are back in trend and are unlikely to leave their place in fashion. But although they seem easy to wear, this is not the case. Because if we choose the wrong model we risk not enhancing our figure!

High-waisted trousers

Photos from Pinterest Let’s get right to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see how to best wear high-waisted trousers:

  • choose according to your physique: if we have a “rectangle” physicality, that is, which does not have a very defined waist, we should avoid high-waisted trousers that are tight on the belly. These would not give lines to our silhouette ending up not enhancing us. Instead, choose high-waisted trousers with pleats and soft on the leg. The wide model will be able to optically create a defined waistline.
  • opt for the right shirt: whatever high-waisted trousers we choose, the right shirt will be the icing on the cake of our total look. Always try to “alternate” the forms. So if the pants we wear are tight, we choose a wide shirt, or if we wear flare pants we opt for a tight tank top or body. Because? Even if wearing a totally tight or totally loose outfit is trendy, we can miss the occasion of use. So for everyday life and days at work we always try to alternate the garments we wear, in order to always be at the top. By the way, the perfect looks for every fitness! To feel your best after the holidays!

High-waisted trousers

Photo from Pinterest

This branded style guide is coming to an end for today too CheWoman who saw how to wear high-waisted pants without making style mistakes.

See you at the next style guide, to stay up to date on all the news from the fashion world!