Hot water bottle: how to use it and for what ailments

A must in every home, the hot water bottle is a tool to keep at hand as it can help counteract some ailments. Let’s see together when it can be useful, how and how to use it, with the advice of the doctor Paolo Pizzinelliinternist in Milan.

  • To relax the muscles

    The hot water bottle is ideal in case of back pain and neck pain due to poor posture, but also for arthrosis that sometimes makes itself felt: “It stimulates a vasodilation that increases blood supply and increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients ”, explains the expert. «With an application of 20 ‘to be repeated even 3-4 times a day, the stiffened muscle fibers relax. Avoid but to apply it on wounds, erythema and broken capillaries“.

  • To counteract the chills

    Heat therapy is ideal at the onset of a feverish state, a phase in which one is covered by chills of cold: “Even if they are a phenomenon that has the function of raising the body temperature to start the fever, they can be annoying ”, explains Paolo Pizzinelli. “Just in case, apply the hot water bottle in any point of the body accelerates this phasethus facilitating the natural mechanism of thermogenesis of the organism in the adult ».

  • To relieve pain

    The hot water bottle is also indicated to relieve irritable bowel spasms, stomach pain or menstrual cramps. A study by the University College of London (GB) has shown that it has an analgesic action similar to that of drugs: it activates the heat receptors which, once “turned on”, block the pain receptors, deactivating the messages they send to the brain. The action lasts about an hour and it is important that thewater does not exceed 40 ° C. “From to avoidHowever, if your period is heavy (heat increases losses) and in the case of sudden stomach and stomach ache never experienced before: they can be the signal of acute inflammation such as diverticulitis », warns Pizzinelli.

Bags with water or seeds? Which ones to use

On the market there are hot water bottles to be filled with water and others that contain seeds (such as cherry or wheat), to be heated in the oven (100 ° C for 10 ‘), in the microwave (3’) or on the radiator ( 20 ‘). The former keep the heat for hours, while the latter have an effect of 20-40 ‘, but with the advantage of releasing it gradually. Furthermore, they adapt better to certain parts of the body, like the neck. In both cases, always oriented towards a CE marked product.

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